Adel Crag Passes on their thanks to ITV Breakfast Show-Daybreak

Adel Crag recently passed on their thanks to the researcher on ITV breakfast show – Daybreak for making contact through their website for the opportunity to nominate your street as it seemed their community could be the kind they are looking for but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances beyond their control they were unable to meet the deadline.

It is about locals being involved, and looking for help in fitness/weight loss, financial advice or career development for the New Year.

You may be interested in watching the program called Transformation Street, ITV Daybreak broadcasting live clips every single morning until Friday 7 January between 6am- 8.30am.  The residents are located in Garforth, Leeds.

2 thoughts on “Adel Crag Passes on their thanks to ITV Breakfast Show-Daybreak

  1. Hello Adel Crag

    I just want to say wow this is very interesting news, and it is brilliant to see that this website is generating positive interest in your local area from such big names as ITV.

    You should follow up the contact you had with them and see if they are planning a second series, perhaps you could invite them back at a later date?


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