Speed Indicator DeviceAt the Adel Crag Community Association meeting in October the Chair raised the question of the Speed Indicator Device to the police.

Cllr Barry Anderson commented as follows:

“As you may be aware I have been in contact with Highways to have the SID machine that is currently on Adel Lane re-sited as its effectiveness on Adel Lane has been diminished due to the speed hump immediately before its current location. Highways have now come forward with two potential locations. I would be pleased to receive your comments on the 2 options they are putting forward.”

Highways have commented as follows:

“Please find attached a sketch plan showing the proposed locations for the SID that is currently on Adel Lane. One location is in advance of both schools and affords good visibility of the sign as well as an adequate detection range. I have also considered a column on Long Causeway just north of St Helen’s Lane. Whilst that is a good location in visibility and detection terms, it is a little remote from the schools.”

I would be pleased if you would let me know which location you feel would be the most effective and I can feed that in to the decision making process.

Adel Crag added: Please feel free to share this with your friends on Facebook/Twitter.

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