Leeds Businesses Urged to Get Litter Picking

We recently received below from Forge Waste & Recycling, which may be of interest to you.

· Forge Waste & Recycling is supplying free litter picking kits to all interested businesses within their area of operation

· Forge Waste & Recycling is collecting the sacks of rubbish after the litter picking has taken place, free of charge

Forge Waste & Recycling has launched a litter picking campaign in Yorkshire, which encourages local businesses to make a positive impact in their local community.

Street cleansing costs UK taxpayers almost £1 billion per year in England alone, but it’s not just the public fund that is impacted; litter takes its toll on local business as well as mental health, community wellbeing, wildlife and the environment.

Forge Waste & Recycling will supply a litter picking kit to local businesses who request it, which is to include litter pickers, gloves and hi-vis bibs for each volunteer, as well as bags for the litter. The bags of litter will then be collected by Forge, free-of-charge.

MD of Forge Waste & Recycling, Harvey Mills said:

“Working in waste, we are passionate about litter. We have a ‘zero waste to landfill’ guarantee on waste we collect, and that is because we understand the devastation that waste can cause when left to its own devices. Litter not only looks ugly but it is really bad for local business, the environment, wild animals and human health.

“This campaign is an opportunity for businesses to easily organise a litter pick in their locality, clearing up unsightly mess, improving the look and feel of their local area, whilst also giving themselves bragging rights on their blogs and social media channels!”


Website: http://www.forgerecycling.co.uk/blog/community-litter-pick-yorkshire/


Temporary Road Closures Holt Lane & Holt Road

Highway Notices just been issued by Leeds City Council. These clearly have an impact for local residents over a 4 week period.


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that because construction works are being or are proposed to be executed on or near the under mentioned highways Leeds City Council intends in not less than 7 days to make an Order the effect of which will be that no person shall cause or permit any vehicle to travel along Holt Lane Adel.

Access to pedestrians, property and for emergency vehicles and construction traffic will be maintained.

A diversionary route will be available via Gainsborough Avenue, Kingsley Drive and Otley Road.

The Order is intended to come into operation on Monday 24 April and will remain in force for a period of 4 weeks or until the works are completed if earlier.

The works are scheduled to complete by 3rd May 2017 and will take place on weekdays only between 09:30 and 15:30 hours.

All communications with regard to this Notice should be addressed to City Services, Selectapost 6, Ring Road, Middleton Leeds LS10 4AX, for the attention of Kenny Harkis or Site Contact Jonathan Waters 01133787492, Ref: TC9157

Dated this 21 day of April 2017

Leeds City Council
Civic Hall,


WHEREAS Leeds City Council is the traffic authority for the Leeds Metropolitan District; and

WHEREAS carriageway patching works are to take place.

TAKE NOTICE that in the interests of public safety it is considered necessary that no person shall cause or permit any vehicle to travel along

  • Holt Lane between its junctions with Otley Road and Holt Road
  • Holt Road between its junctions with Holt Lane to Holt Park Approach

DIVERSIONARY ROUTES:- A Diversionary route for vehicles affected by the closure will be available via

  • Holt Park Approach, Holt Park Road, Holt Crescent, Holtdale Approach, Otley Old Road, Otley Road.
  • Holt Park Approach, Holt Park Road, Holt Crescent, Holtdale Approach, Cookridge Lane/ Otley Old Road, left to A660.

PERIOD OF WORKS/RESTRICTIONS: The works are to take place between 09:00 hours and 16:00 hours on 23 April 2017.

All communications with regard to this Notice should be addressed to City Services, Selectapost 6, Ring Road, Middleton Leeds LS10 4AX, for the attention of Kenny Harkis or Site Contact Jonathan Waters 01133787492, Ref: TC9156.

Dated this 12 day of April 2017

Leeds City Council
Civic Hall

Thank you for your attention

Legal Officer
Legal Services
Leeds City Council
4TH Floor West, Civic Hall
Calverley Street
Leeds LS1 1UR


Leeds Homeshare

Leeds City Council has recently sent this, which may be of interest to you.

“A brief overview of the scheme is attached with our advert.

We are hoping that Homeshare may be a positive option for older people, particularly living alone, who are starting to struggle to live independently and are lonely or socially isolated and also offer an affordable accommodation options for younger people who are struggling to afford rents in the city. Homeshare is a great way of people coming together to give something of value, either accommodation or their time, whilst receiving something of value back. The ethos of Homeshare is of sharing lives and reciprocal support, very much about valuing what people have to offer. Website: http://www.leeds.gov.uk/homeshare

Kind Regards.”

Tribeca House, Leeds Shared Lives, Adult Social Care,
Leeds City Council
Central Mail Room, Westland Road.  LS11 5SB

To Bus or Not to Bus – That is the question?

Bus 28As Chair of local residents group I regularly meet people who have had varying experiences with the local bus service.

Recently myself and a small number of residents met with our local Ward Councillor and a representative from First Leeds Bus to go through several of the issues below: –

For example buses not turning up or buses being delayed or late.

It would be useful to gather some narrative from bus service users in this community both positive and negative experiences so that I can continue the conversation with First Leeds.

Please feel free to pass on to your friends and relatives that may use our local bus service.

Many thanks

“Affordable Housing is it a solution to the Housing Crisis in Adel?”

Houses in Adel Leeds


Not sure whether you are aware, but we already have Council housing in Adel.

40 years ago many young families from various parts of Leeds were chosen to live in nearly 200 properties in the Adel area. The accommodation included sheltered housing on the Waylands, with further flats and houses in the Adel Woods. During that period it was great to see so many young children playing out in the streets, and enjoying a clean and pleasant environment known as the Adel village.

The council housing did not look out of character alongside the private houses, and were well built, not like some of the new build today.

Many tenants were proud to say that they live in Adel with plenty of playing fields and beautiful surrounding woodland. During the 40 years we went through further phases of new build including the Mulberry’s, St Helens private estate, Waylands private estate, Oaklands estate, Adel Vale, Adel Mead, 2 schools, and Centurion Fields, and many more. With each new development it seems that some local residents complain about further infringement when they have benefited from previous new builds.

Today there are just less than 100 council properties as nearly 80% of the properties on the Adel Wood estate are privately owned due to the Right to Buy Scheme. We also have privately rented tenants living on the Council Housing Estate paying in the region of £600- £700 per month as many of them are unable to get on the property ladder. For many of these residents the only solution would be to move away from the area where they have settled down, and where their children go to the local schools. It is also recognised that many residents in Adel would like to downsize, and there is a critical lack of one bedroom accommodation.

We need more affordable housing or smaller one bedroom accommodation so everyone has an opportunity to live in Adel. Some of this could be provided by property developers, whilst serious consideration should be given to allowing the Council or a Housing Association to work in partnership with a developer to build affordable social rented accommodation.

As a resident association in Adel we take the view whether you live in a council house, privately rented, (housing association) or privately owned, all tenure types can co-exist within one community, and at end of the day we are all here to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Adel.


More related issues on affordable rented accommodation below

Please feel free to pass on to your neighbours and relatives as it may be of interest to them.

Land Opposite St John the Baptist Church – Church Lane

Adel Crag Community Association wish to bring to your attention important information received early this week from Cllr Billy Flynn, which may be of interest to you.

Adel LandscapeFirst the bad news (for most of you). Residents may have seen site notices going up towards the end of last month announcing that an outline application had been made to Leeds City Council for a major development of up to 100 dwellings with land reserved for a primary school on the site opposite the church. There are still many issues to be resolved as the proposed development does not accord with the Adopted Development Plan and it affects a right of way but at least the pressure brought by residents and English Heritage/Historic England following previous proposals has had some effect. All the proposed buildings are now on the west side of the beck leaving the fields directly in front of the church undeveloped. The proposed school playing field is the only part of the plan that intrudes on to the church side of the beck although a judgement will need to be made on the impact of the proposed development on the conservation area. I have spoken to the agent handling the development and he confirmed the change in plan was as a direct result of local objections. There are two proposed access points, from the A660 via a new junction opposite Kingsley Dr and minor access through the Centurion Fields estate off Church Lane. The internal design of roads on the proposed estate would avoid roads being connected internally to prevent rat running from the A660 to Church Lane. The proposed development will consist of up to 35 affordable dwellings and up to 65 dwellings for market sale. We are still at the consultation stage and any comments you have should be directed to The Development Enquiry Centre, The Leonardo Building, 2 Rossington St, Leeds LS2 8HD. The deadline is technically 18 November but Planning will consider contributions after that date so please be quick if you wish to comment. Please note that any comments either sent on line or in writing can be seen by anyone, no anonymous contributions will be accepted. Much more information about the application, including drawings, can be found on the council planning portal website as follows; www.leeds.gov.uk/publicaccess quoting reference 16/06222. Once officers have considered the relevant comments from consultees they expect to meet with ward councillors towards the end of November to provide us with their views on the application. Residents will be kept fully informed of developments.

WY PolicePolice

Now for some better news. There were fewer crimes this month following the arrest of a burglar who is being held on remand. Most crimes in the ward took place in Bramhope involving thefts from sheds and garages. PC Karina Ingham, our ward manager, tells me that there has been an increase in scrap metal collectors coming into the area and a separate operation is being planned to deal with this issue. Be on your guard!

Speedwatch volunteers have been busy in the ward during October checking vehicle speeds on Long Causeway at the junction with Dunstarn Lane and near to the Lawnswood Arms. Results from the former location revealed vehicles speeding at the rate of one per minute while the volunteers were present. We are awaiting the results from the latter site. Karina is concerned about the excess speeds recorded and has requested that a police officer be deployed at the location with a speed gun to allow enforcement action. The police have also put up several speed awareness notices on street light columns in the ward to address the speeding issue.

If you have any queries regarding the above or anything else in the ward for that matter, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your ward councillors.

Contact details billy.flynn@leeds.gov.uk : Tel: 2613896 Mobile: 07810 640282

Adel Crag added: There is to be a joint meeting Adel Neighbourhood Forum and Adel Association on Thursday 17th November at 7.30pm chaired by Cllr Barry Anderson at the Old Stables back of Adel Parish Church.

The purpose is to seek residents’ views on the proposed development on the land opposite Adel Parish Church.

The agenda is available to view on the Adel Neighbourhood Forum Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AdelNeighbourhoodForum/

Please feel free to pass on to your neighbours and relatives as it may be of interest to them.