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transport-conversation-in-leedsLeeds Transport Conversation

Your last chance to take part of the city wide conversation and online survey until 11 November 2016

A new city-wide conversation about the future of transport in Leeds is starting – and we want to hear from you.


Transport Conversation
We hosted a transport summit on 10 June 2016, marking the start of a comprehensive discussion that will hear the views of key organisations, businesses and local communities. Read more at: http://bit.ly/2chgsHc

Adel Crag added: Please feel free to pass on to your neighbours and relatives as it may be of interest to them.

Leeds bus station weekend closures planned

leeds-bus-stationLeeds Bus station is due to be closed for two weekends this month to allow resurfacing work to take place.

Temporary stops will be set up on September 17, 18, 24 and 25 while work to the bus bays and carriageways is completed.

Diane Groom, West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s assistant director of customer services, said: “Over the past 16 weeks, we have been able to carry out most of this much-needed resurfacing work with minimum disruption by moving services to alternative stands. However, to complete this scheme to provide passengers with smoother, more comfortable journeys, we need to carry out these closures.   Read more at: http://bit.ly/2c3lV8k

Adel Crag added: Please feel free to pass on to your neighbours and relatives as it may be of interest to them.

Impaled dad nearly loses arm in crane crush horror

Here is an update on the incident involving the crane and the impaled man from Halifax

Lawnswood Arms

A young father from Rastrick has spoken of his horror at almost losing his arm after he was impaled on a crane.

Scott Ashton, 24, was crushed by the machine he was operating while clearing a garden in north Leeds. He was left with a huge wound on his arm and multiple broken bones which had to be pinned and plated in a six hour operation.
Read more at: http://bit.ly/2c1DP6o

Adel Crag added: Please feel free to pass on to your neighbours and relatives as it may be of interest to them.


Man impaled in horrifying Leeds accident

Lawnswood ArmsfIREFIGHTERS freed a workman whose arm was impaled in a horrifying accident.

Specialist paramedics were also called to the scene opposite the Lawnswood Arms, Otley Road, Adel, yesterday morning, (August 25) after the accident involving a crane operator. The man was standing on a platform on the back of a truck operating the crane when the crane arm came down, impaling his arm onto a metal rod. The crane arm then pinned him down onto the controls.

Paramedics from Hazardous Area Response Team gave the man the powerful sedative ketamine. A nearby crane was used to stabilise the one that had come down and the crane arm was then lifted off the man, who was conscious throughout. Read more at: Man Impaled in horrifying Leeds accident

Adel Crag added: Please feel free to pass on to your neighbours and relatives as it may be of interest to them.



Otley Road 2We have received this message from Cllr Barry Anderson, as he was recently asked by a local resident whether the time limit on the pelican crossing outside the Nat West bank could be extended to allow pedestrians more time to cross. I took this up with the Traffic Engineer who advised as follows:

“Thank you for your email regarding the pelican crossing at A660 Otley Rd.  The existing crossing installed in 1993 is a pelican type crossing with flashing ambers, these crossings are no longer in use and we have been installing crossings with non-flashing periods for some time now as the flashing amber period relies on good driver behaviour and we see little of that nowadays.  I will look into our capital programme for this year to see if our funding will allow an upgrade of the crossing to remove the pelican periods and replace with a red signal to vehicles during the pedestrian period.”

Adel Crag added: This particular part of the crossing is a danger to pedestrians, and we hope that the upgrade of the crossing to remove the pelican periods and replace with a red signal to vehicles during the pedestrian period is actioned as soon as possible.

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Long CausweayMany residents may have received information from Cllr Barry Anderson, that he has been advised by representatives of the Plymouth Brethren who have purchased this land about plans they have to build a place of worship on this land.

As a result of this we have been asked by the Adel Neighbourhood Forum to try and ascertain the views of local residents to this proposal.

Set out below is a statement from a representative of the Plymouth Brethren in respect of their intentions plus a site map to give you an idea of how the land would be used.

“This note has been prepared to inform and consult residents in the immediate vicinity of vacant land at the junction of Adel Lane and Long Causeway, about a proposed planning application for a Place of Worship.

The desired proposals based on competent feasibility studies are shown on the attached plan.

Ownership of the site has been secured specifically for the proposal.

The scheme would meet the long held aspirations of members of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, resident in Adel, to establish an appointed place of worship, within this neighbourhood to serve their local congregational needs.

Typically these are set up to accommodate a congregation of 35 to 45 persons, made up of about 12 households.  A flexible design approach is applied to floor space and modelling of building to suit site and environs. Current design standards include on- site car parking to satisfy needs of the user group.

These neighbourhood halls are dedicated strictly for the resident congregation group. They are not the venue for random attendance or special event community gatherings. These requirements are   accommodated at purpose built township facilities; in the case of Leeds, at Brownberrie Lane Horsforth.

Consultations with Adel Residents Association and the Adel Neighbourhood Forum have drawn general support for the principle of the development, and specifically for upgrading the visual amenity of this prominent gateway to Adel site, and securing beneficial use of semi-derelict land, dominated by invasive weed, and overgrown “tree hedge”, and not considered appropriate for residential development.

Use would be strictly as a Place of Worship for the local congregation. Typical times of use (all clear of peak traffic times) are as follows: Sunday early morning, The Lord’s Supper (Holy Communion), mid- afternoon Gospel Service; Monday evening, Prayer Service; Friday Evening Bible Reading. Duration of services approx. 45 minutes. This is widely accepted as a benign land use.

The proposals include a modest upgrade of the existing highway access/pavement crossing to allow easy entry and exit manoeuvres, and car parking modelled for 14 car spaces and to accommodate forward exit for all vehicles. Access travel by family/ household group is considered the norm.   A travel plan could be agreed to ensure self- sufficient on –site parking.

In this congregational community context tandem parking can be accommodated as a contingency without conflict of interest. The site is considered sustainable without any need for street parking. At this location several congregation households live within walking distance.

Given the patterns of attendance with arrivals and departures only prior to, and after services, it is not considered necessary to provide an entrance wide enough to allow opposing vehicle flows. The site would be secured to appropriate standards (Secured by Design) with gated driveway and pedestrian entry, and existing boundary walling feature either raised in height and or topped with low level railings to match gates.

External lighting would be provided by low level bollard luminaires. No flood lighting.

The proposals would include a planting scheme to regenerate the site with indigenous trees, hedgerow, shrubs and woodland ground cover to create a revived biodiversity. The proposed removal of Leylandi “tree hedge” would open up distant landscape and skyscape views from several nearby houses and expose valuable indigenous trees to view from the public domain/ road network.” 

I would be pleased to receive any comments you have in relation to this proposal. No planning application has come forward for this yet.

I trust this keeps you up to date with this issue.



Cllr. Barry Anderson
Adel & Wharfedale Ward
Twitter @barryanderson19

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Meeting Minutes

Please find below the Agenda for Thursday’s meeting. Please also find attached a note to accompany Item 3.




1. Police Update
2. Neighbourhood Watch Update
3. Establishing public flower displays in Adel (note attached)
4. Paul’s Pond Update
5. Planning Updates
6. Adel Neighbourhood Forum
7. Pokemon Go



Cllr. Caroline Anderson
Secretary, Adel Association

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