About Us

Welcome to Adel Crag Community Association who are dedicated to provide a service to tenants and residents in the Adel area to help however big or small the problem maybe and deal with promptly. The issues could be about crime, traffic, footpaths, roads, noise nuisance, dog fouling, and car parking and local authority services – and make representations to the relevant authorities.  Projects to improve local amenities are undertaken and there is close liaison with local councillors. This is a forum open to all local residents to get your views known at future meetings.

We have a Committee of a small team of volunteers who are dedicated to provide a service to over 400 tenants and residents in our area to help however big or small the problem maybe. We never pretended there is nothing to be done, as our fingers are constantly on the button trying to get things done on their behalf.

We first registered in May 2002 and to date we have achieved many improvements to our local community and respect each other and our neighbourhood in which to live.

We presently distribute our newsletter to Adel Woods, Waylands, Adel Mead, Adel Vale, Moor Croft, Woodstock Close, part of Long Causeway and the Mulberry’s including Tile Lane.

Our objectives are to seek to improve the conditions for the tenants and residents of the area.

To represent and promote the interests of all the tenants (Council, private landlord or agency) and residents in our area.

To work for improvements to Council homes, the Housing Service, other services we receive and the local environment.

To work in partnership with other agencies, where appropriate, to achieve our aims.