Einformation: Combined Authority School Transport Provision – Consultation

Please find below and attached information regarding consultation on the provision of school transport received from Director of Transport Services via Cllr Barry Anderson, which may be of interest to you. All details on how to participate in the consultation are below and it runs until 15th March.

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority organises and subsidises a range of school bus services for around 25,000 pupils and students across West Yorkshire. These services are provided where suitable public transport services are not available.

The  Combined Authority’s Transport Committee approved a set of guidelines in 2014, to determine whether a subsidised school bus service should be provided. These assume that pupils and students of secondary school age are able to use public transport where this is available.

Note – For the avoidance of doubt, these guidelines are separate and distinct from local council School Transport Policies, which cover eligibility for assistance with transport costs (usually free travel) and are based on statutory walking distances as set out in the Education Act (2002).

Given ongoing pressure to reduce local authority budgets, the Combined Authority must ensure that limited public funds are targeted where it is most needed. To ensure this, the Combined Authority’s Transport Committee approved the development of and engagement on revised guidelines in May 2018. Combined Authority officers have worked closely with their Council Children’s Services counterparts in revising these guidelines.

As a result, we are planning to revise the guidelines on the provision of subsidised school bus services from 1 July 2019 and are seeking the views of service users and other interested parties before doing so. The new guidelines would come into effect at the start of the new school year – 1 September 2019.

A copy of the proposed new guidelines is attached for your information.

The  changes are seeking to ensure funding is directed to assist journeys by under 16s to local schools for which a regular bus service is not available and where walking or cycling is unlikely to be a feasible option for most pupils, The proposed changes are summarised as follows;

·         Post-16 – Subsidised school bus services will not normally be provided for young people in the 16-18 age group. In practice, many students in this age group do not travel at fixed times to and from school, and are usually confident public transport users.

·         Distance from school – Subsidised school bus services will not normally be provided where pupils are attending a school that is more than four miles (6.5 km) from their home address. It will be assumed in these cases that this is a matter of parental preference.
We have developed an online map, which shows the area around schools that would normally be served. It is expected that pupils living outside this area would be provided transport on a commercial basis (see below) or would have longer public transport journeys.  Discretion will be applied where schools are located in rural or semi-rural areas or where services serve rural or semi-rural communities.

·         Requests to serve new areas – Subsidised school bus services will not normally be introduced where currently no public transport link exists. As information on school services is publicly available, it will be assumed that parents have chosen a school in the knowledge that there is no direct public transport link and already have alternative transport arrangements in place.

·         Walking or cycling to school – Subsidised school bus services will not normally be provided for pupils who live less than 1.5 miles (2.4km) (30 minute walk) from their school. Pupils who live within this distance may be expected to walk or cycle to and from school. The online schools map also provides an indication of acceptable walking distances for each school.

·         Commercial school bus services – Subsidised school bus services may be withdrawn where commercial bus operators are willing to provide a service on the basis that parents meet the whole cost of the service (typically £500-£700 per child per year). It is expected that this would only apply to current services that fall outside of the new criteria.

·         Selective schools – Subsidised school bus services will not normally be provided where the school admissions policy is based on academic selection. It is expected that these would be replaced by commercial services as described above.

·         Value for money – Services will be considered for withdrawal or lower-cost alternatives sought where the direct subsidy per passenger trip exceeds £1.50. This typically is the cost for 50 or more regular users of a double deck service. This will replace the current criteria (£3 per mile) as it provides a more realistic measure of efficiency across different vehicle types.

Please note that, in applying the new guidelines, the Combined Authority would take all aspects affecting the journey from home to school into account.

A list of existing services that would be reviewed under the new guidelines is attached Draft Guidelines and Service List Final 30 January 2019

Please note that local councils fund some schools’ services because they meet (or were first introduced to meet) the needs of pupils who qualify for free travel under the local councils’ policies. A list of these services is also attached. Unless local council funding is withdrawn, these services would not be affected without prior agreement with the relevant local council.

If you would like to comment on the changes to the guidelines, please email yourvoice@westyorks-ca.gov.uk.

Schools, parents, pupils and others are invited to complete a questionnaire hosted on the Combined Authority’s consultation and engagement website, yourvoice.com.

Schools, parents, pupils and other interested parties are able to have their say on the proposals until 15 March. Depending on the feedback received, the guidelines may be revised, subject the availability of funding. Any new guidelines (reflecting feedback received) will come into effect from 1 July 2019, with the new services running from 1 September.

Director, Transport Services

West Yorkshire Combined Authority | Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (the LEP)Wellington House | 40-50 Wellington Street | Leeds | LS1 2DE

www.westyorks-ca.gov.uk | www.the-lep.com

Einformation: Leeds Bradford Airport transport links briefing and details of next phase of consultation

Please find attached and below some information received from City Development via Cllr Barry Anderson that may be of interest to you.

We will be shortly commencing the next phase of consultation on the Leeds Bradford Airport Transport Links. The consultation will launch on the 18th Feb at which time the website and the opportunity to provide feedback will be available.

Please find attached a briefing note which provides an update on the project and a copy of the leaflet which we will be using to promote the consultation events within your wards around the airport.

If you have any queries on the project or the consultation, Rebecca or myself would be happy to answer them or meet to discuss the project should you wish.

Project Manager
City Development
Leeds City Council








*Update* Urgent Works, Sewer collapse on Weetwood Lane

Please see information below, we have received (15/11/17), Highways Services via Cllr Billy Flynn, and which may be of interest to you.

“Dear All

As per my email of the 26th of October

Yorkshire Water’s contractor – Amey – have completed their investigation works into the collapsed sewer on Weetwood Lane

Repair works will begin on Thursday (tomorrow) with the initial excavations being carried out using the 2 way lights that are currently in place

By Wednesday of next week (22nd November) Amey will be in the position to expose the sewer fully

This is an old brick sewer which is 0.6m in diameter

A large excavation pit will be required.

This will be over 4m deep and potentially up to 16m long

Given the location of the excavation and the machinery that will be required on site there will not be enough carriageway width to allow traffic to pass safely.

Therefore, Weetwood Lane will need to be closed from the entrance to Oxley Hall student flats to the entrance to The Hollies park.

Access will be maintained for residents but there will be no through route to the Ring Road from A660 Otley Road and vice versa

Traffic will be diverted via Ring Road Weetwood – Lawnswood Roundabout – Otley Road and vice versa

The closure will come into effect at 10am on the 22nd November and will remain in place for 5 weeks

Amey will have teams working 7 days a week until the job is completed

Given the highly traffic sensitive nature of the road network in this area, significant disruption should be expected. Especially during the morning and evening peaks

Advanced warning signs will be placed on site today to warn regular road users of what to expect

Yorkshire Water will also be issuing information to the local press and radio to alert the wider public

The digital message sign outside Weetwood Police station on the A660 will also display information regarding the closure

We will continue to work closely with Yorkshire Water/Amey and ensure that the works are completed as quickly as possible

Please feel free to pass this information on to any other party that may find it useful

If you have any question please let me know.”

Kind regards


Einformation: Urgent Works, Sewer collapse on Weetwood Lane

Please see information below, we have received today (26/10/17), Highways Services via Cllr Barry Anderson, and which may be of interest to you.

“I am writing to inform you that 2 way traffic lights will be set up on Weetwood Lane near to the Oxley Hall flats tonight.

Yorkshire Water have been investigating the severe depression in the carriageway at this location and have discovered that the sewer has collapsed underneath this section of road.

The lights have been set up initially to stop vehicles driving over that particular area of carriageway.

This will also allow them to carry out further investigations with a view to carrying out a full sewer repair shortly.

Unfortunately when the full repair begins it is likely that Weetwood Lane will have to be closed for a number of weeks given the limited road space and size and depth of the excavations that will be required.

However, more will become clear once they have carried out their investigations.

I will be sure to keep you all updated once I have more specific info regarding dates etc.

The lights will be manually controlled throughout the am/pm peaks to ensure that the traffic queues are being managed as efficiently as possible.

I have asked that Yorkshire Water carry out a letter drop to inform affected residents and let them know what to expect and who to contact if they have any queries.

Information boards will also be placed on site.

If you have any questions, please let me know.”

Kind Regards

Area Network Manager – Leeds North
Network Management
Highways Services
Leeds City Council