Einformation: An update on the Corn Exchange scheme

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An update on the Connecting Leeds Corn Exchange scheme

Here’s what’s coming up in the next few months…

Corn Exchange
An artist impression of how the area around the Corn Exchange might look once complete

We’re writing to update you about work happening around the Corn Exchange and surrounding streets. This is part of the wider city centre improvements that will transform travel across the city.

New Market Street

The footpath will be paved on the east side (outside Boris & Co) by the end of March 2021. The paving up to Central Road and Kirkgate will be complete by the end of May. There will be wide temporary walkways in place during this work.

Most of the bus shelters on the west side of New Market Street will be removed by May and the new bus stops will be installed by July 2021. The paving work in this area will start at the end of March and will be completed by July 2021.

Lower Briggate

We’re prioritising certain areas of work on Lower Briggate in preparation for the easing of lockdown restrictions on 12 April.

The work here involves footpath renewal and footpath widening outside Viaduct, Fibre, Popworld and the Stone Roses bar. The work in these areas will be completed by the beginning of April.

We’ll set up a new work zone further down Lower Briggate at the end of March. The work here also involves footpath renewal and footpath widening and we’ll continue working in this area for six to eight weeks.

Work will then continue on Lower Briggate until autumn 2021.

Upper Call Lane

Upper Call Lane will close permanently up to Crown Street junction in May. Traffic will continue to run on New Market Street and will now be permitted to turn right onto Kirkgate. The current bus stops on Upper Call Lane will be closed, and their services will be re-routed on the bus stops on Lower Briggate and Duncan Street.

The work in this area involves footpath widening outside the Corn Exchange, with new seating areas and trees being planted. This work will be completed by January 2022.

Vicar Lane

We’ll start paving the footpath on Vicar Lane between Greggs and Fish Street on 22 March. This work will take around six weeks to complete. There will be wide temporary walkways in place during this work.

The paving between The Hip Store and Kwik Tan will be complete by mid-March.

We’ll set up a new work zone on the market side of Vicar Lane at the beginning of April. The work here involves widening and replacing the footpath with new paving slabs and will be complete by August 2021.

There will be wide temporary walkways in place during this work. This work will take slightly longer as there are two trees being planted. 


Work will start on Kirkgate in April 2021 on the northern side (outside Leeds Accommodation Bureau). This work involves footpath renewal and footpath widening.

We’d like to thank you for your patience and co-operation while we carry out this work. Please be assured we’ll work hard to ensure work is done safely and as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions or to find out more about the scheme, please email a member of the project team at connectingleeds@leeds.gov.uk

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