Excellent news. The surgery and pharmacy site on Long Causeway has a new owner and the pharmacy is staying where it is. The news is less clear on the future of the surgery building but it is hoped it will be used for wellbeing purposes to complement healthcare in Adel although it is still early days. More on this when the future is clearer.

This really is very welcome news for everyone in Adel and really emphasises the importance of retaining and saving all our local services, whatever they are. We must use them or lose them. It is particularly important during these awful times with the Covid -19 pandemic.

On the back of this really good news I hope you all have a safe, happy and joyful family Christmas. With the even better news of the vaccination programme already started let us all hope for a much better and safer New Year and a return to normal family life.

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I hope you are all keeping safe and well. Just two items this month, the closure of the surgery and probable closure of Adel Pharmacy.  This constitutes a real loss for Adel residents.

I attended a meeting of the CCG Primary Care Commissioning Committee on 5 August at which the closure of Adel Surgery on 31 March 2021 was confirmed.  I have learnt since that this will probably mean the closure of the pharmacy which will come as a shock to all of us because this had not been mentioned as a possibility prior to the meeting, quite the reverse in fact.  However, I understand that the current owner wrote to the CCG last February and again in early July emphasising that the Adel site was available for the provision of primary care services for the foreseeable future but if the surgery was closed the terms of the lease would mean the pharmacy would have to close too.  Despite the correspondence above, the potential loss of the pharmacy was not made known to members of the PCCC prior to the meeting.  I pursued the matter following the meeting and the CCG advised me on 10 August that they will take up future pharmacy provision in Adel urgently with NHS England and Community Pharmacy, West Yorkshire.  I have made known my views on the importance of maintaining a pharmacy presence in Adel.

The closure decision did not go through on the nod and was hotly debated for the majority of the meeting with the future of the pharmacy and transport to Alwoodley also discussed at length. Many patients had emphasised the difficulty of getting to Alwoodley Medical Practice by public transport and the CCG are exploring the possibility of an access bus to the surgery with the council and bus companies.  I suspect many of us anticipated the closure decision but it is, nevertheless, still very sad news after so many years.  I fought as hard as I could but was unsuccessful and I am sorry I could not have done more. I sent a letter to the committee as a last throw of the dice and the contents were discussed at considerable length during the meeting. A copy of the letter can be found elsewhere on the Ade Crag website. The surgery closure and potential closure of the pharmacy will be a disaster for Adel and, as I am also a patient at Long Causeway, I feel it as much as most patients. It is the end of an era for Adel residents.

Dr Martin Sutcliffe from the practice also attended the meeting and was clear that collaboration between all the various parties, and particularly patients, would be at the forefront of practice priorities over the next 8 months, right up to the closure. This will ensure that every patient knows well in advance what the future holds for them, whether they intend to stay with Alwoodley which is what Dr Sutcliffe would like or prefer to move to another practice.  The point was made several times during the meeting about the exceptional quality of clinical, nursing and ancillary services provided at both surgeries.

The meeting highlighted yet again the lack of communication between planning officers on Leeds Council and local GP surgeries regarding the impact of new housing developments.  This is something I consistently raise at planning meetings without conspicuous success.  There should be close collaboration between developers, planning officers, Public Health professionals and other interested parties as well as ward councillors, it is to everyone’s mutual advantage.  I have taken this up with the new Director of Public Health for Leeds and hope I will be pushing at an open door.

It is very disappointing news, but I will keep you regularly updated on progress.  If you would like to know more about the CCG meeting and the closures please do get in touch, my contact details are below.


Cllr. Billy Flynn
Adel & Wharfedale Ward
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Einformation: COVID-19 Update – 16 March

Leeds City CouncilSee latest update Cllr Barry Anderson received from the Council this evening.

“As a result of this Cllr. Caroline Anderson and I will not be doing our usual street surgeries throughout the Ward during this time so as to minimise risk to any residents through having face to face contact as per guidelines.

However, we would be happy to hear from anyone via email of any concerns or problems they may have in terms of the current emergency or any other issues. If residents email us we will be able to take appropriate action.

We will still be able to visit external sites, for example to look at excessive tree growth, potholes, any other highways issues etc.

In order to provide support to those residents who don’t have access to electronic means we would ask that you let any of your friends or neighbours who fall into this category to make contact through you so that you can pass the details to us.

I attach a paper Covid19 that is going to be discussed at the Council’s Executive Board Meeting on Wednesday about this serious issue if you want more detail.”