We have received notification from Cllr Barry Anderson after he attended a recent virtual Zoom briefing from one of the Parks & Countryside officers in respect of the current tree planting schemes that are being designated for the area.

Please see below maps for the two Adel schemes.

Map 1 Bedquilts Recreation Ground

Map 2 Tile Lane

If you wish to read more, please follow the link to Cllr Barry Anderson’s website:



Adel Surgery Engagement Update – May 2020

We have received today the following information below from the Alwoodley Medical Centre Via our Local Ward Councillors for your attention.

“We would like to take an opportunity to update you on our engagement activity regarding our proposal to close the surgery at Adel.

I attach for your reference the report produced externally based on the responses received to the engagement activity so far.”  

Adel initial engagement report

Einformation: COVID-19 Update – 16 March

Leeds City CouncilSee latest update Cllr Barry Anderson received from the Council this evening.

“As a result of this Cllr. Caroline Anderson and I will not be doing our usual street surgeries throughout the Ward during this time so as to minimise risk to any residents through having face to face contact as per guidelines.

However, we would be happy to hear from anyone via email of any concerns or problems they may have in terms of the current emergency or any other issues. If residents email us we will be able to take appropriate action.

We will still be able to visit external sites, for example to look at excessive tree growth, potholes, any other highways issues etc.

In order to provide support to those residents who don’t have access to electronic means we would ask that you let any of your friends or neighbours who fall into this category to make contact through you so that you can pass the details to us.

I attach a paper Covid19 that is going to be discussed at the Council’s Executive Board Meeting on Wednesday about this serious issue if you want more detail.”

House of Commons Transport Select Committee on Pavement Parking

MPs on the Transport Select Committee are holding a review into pavement parking. They would like to hear from members of the public about the difficulties it causes. Here is a link to the parliamentary web page with instructions on how to comment. The deadline for making a comment is the 14th May.
For more information on this subject, please see the “Living Streets” web page.
Best wishes.
A660 Joint Council