Land Opposite St John the Baptist Church – Church Lane

Adel Crag Community Association wish to bring to your attention important information received early this week from Cllr Billy Flynn, which may be of interest to you.

Adel LandscapeFirst the bad news (for most of you). Residents may have seen site notices going up towards the end of last month announcing that an outline application had been made to Leeds City Council for a major development of up to 100 dwellings with land reserved for a primary school on the site opposite the church. There are still many issues to be resolved as the proposed development does not accord with the Adopted Development Plan and it affects a right of way but at least the pressure brought by residents and English Heritage/Historic England following previous proposals has had some effect. All the proposed buildings are now on the west side of the beck leaving the fields directly in front of the church undeveloped. The proposed school playing field is the only part of the plan that intrudes on to the church side of the beck although a judgement will need to be made on the impact of the proposed development on the conservation area. I have spoken to the agent handling the development and he confirmed the change in plan was as a direct result of local objections. There are two proposed access points, from the A660 via a new junction opposite Kingsley Dr and minor access through the Centurion Fields estate off Church Lane. The internal design of roads on the proposed estate would avoid roads being connected internally to prevent rat running from the A660 to Church Lane. The proposed development will consist of up to 35 affordable dwellings and up to 65 dwellings for market sale. We are still at the consultation stage and any comments you have should be directed to The Development Enquiry Centre, The Leonardo Building, 2 Rossington St, Leeds LS2 8HD. The deadline is technically 18 November but Planning will consider contributions after that date so please be quick if you wish to comment. Please note that any comments either sent on line or in writing can be seen by anyone, no anonymous contributions will be accepted. Much more information about the application, including drawings, can be found on the council planning portal website as follows; quoting reference 16/06222. Once officers have considered the relevant comments from consultees they expect to meet with ward councillors towards the end of November to provide us with their views on the application. Residents will be kept fully informed of developments.

WY PolicePolice

Now for some better news. There were fewer crimes this month following the arrest of a burglar who is being held on remand. Most crimes in the ward took place in Bramhope involving thefts from sheds and garages. PC Karina Ingham, our ward manager, tells me that there has been an increase in scrap metal collectors coming into the area and a separate operation is being planned to deal with this issue. Be on your guard!

Speedwatch volunteers have been busy in the ward during October checking vehicle speeds on Long Causeway at the junction with Dunstarn Lane and near to the Lawnswood Arms. Results from the former location revealed vehicles speeding at the rate of one per minute while the volunteers were present. We are awaiting the results from the latter site. Karina is concerned about the excess speeds recorded and has requested that a police officer be deployed at the location with a speed gun to allow enforcement action. The police have also put up several speed awareness notices on street light columns in the ward to address the speeding issue.

If you have any queries regarding the above or anything else in the ward for that matter, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your ward councillors.

Contact details : Tel: 2613896 Mobile: 07810 640282

Adel Crag added: There is to be a joint meeting Adel Neighbourhood Forum and Adel Association on Thursday 17th November at 7.30pm chaired by Cllr Barry Anderson at the Old Stables back of Adel Parish Church.

The purpose is to seek residents’ views on the proposed development on the land opposite Adel Parish Church.

The agenda is available to view on the Adel Neighbourhood Forum Facebook page

Please feel free to pass on to your neighbours and relatives as it may be of interest to them.

Related Issues: Police – Adel Pharmacy & The Flu Jab – Proposed Children’s Play Area on Bedquilts

Adel Crag Community Association wish to bring to your attention some useful information received early this week from Cllr Billy Flynn, which may be of interest to you.

WY PolicePolice

During a street surgery at the end of September a resident in Bramhope advised me that her 93 year-old neighbour had been approached by men claiming her drain was blocked and offering to fix it for £4000. They also offered to take her to the bank to collect for the first £2000. Three further attempts were made at other addresses in Bramhope, Adel and Leeds 6 with one victim actually taken to the bank but fortunately bank staff alerted the police and they got nothing. On at least one of the attempts a van (possibly blue and white) was used with the legend “Drain Doctors” on its side.  Please note that a company called “Drain Doctor” is quite legitimate and there is no reason to suspect that this firm is linked to the attempted frauds. PC Karina Ingham, our local ward manager, is investigating the incidents. It seems likely that the fraudsters may have moved on but this is the latest in a series of attempted fraud on or theft from local residents so please be on your guard. If you are concerned about cold callers please phone the police immediately. They welcome any approach from residents and are more than happy to give advice.

adel-chemistAdel Pharmacy & The Flu Jab

You will recall my recent notes encouraging residents to use the pharmacy in Long Causeway on a “use it or lose it” basis. Nira, our pharmacist, has asked me to pass on her thanks to the many customers who have called in since the article to assure her that they will support the pharmacy. As you will know the flu jab is currently available at the doctors’ surgery and you may be interested to learn that Nira now also offers the jab onsite at the pharmacy without appointment. I know because she gave me the jab herself when I called in for a prescription and very gentle she was too!

climbing-frameProposed Children’s Play Area on Bedquilts

The first stage consultation process for the proposed play area is due to start in the near future. Initially, letters will be sent to residents whose homes border the greenspace and those living nearest to the proposed site asking or their views on the creation of a play area on Bedquilts. After this review the following groups will among those consulted: a random selection of residents living within a 400 metre radius of the proposed site; local schools; local residents’ associations; local sports clubs; the owners of land on Bedquilts and there will be a publicity campaign via Facebook and Twitter. I have had several comments already but it is important that you take the opportunity to respond during the formal consultation period. Please do get in touch if you wish to comment on the proposal.

If you have any queries regarding the above or anything else in the ward for that matter please do not hesitate to get in touch with your ward councillors.

Contact details : Tel : 2613896 Mobile : 07810 640282

Adel Crag added: We welcome any ideas put forward, and would fully support this project on the proviso that local residents are happy for this to proceed.

Please feel free to pass on to your neighbours and relatives as it may be of interest to them.


WY PoliceWe recently received this information from West Yorkshire Police, which may be of interest to you.

I have received an email regards a suspicious type incident involving a scrap metal dealer who attended an address in Bramhope. I just wanted to make you aware of this to send out to any contacts in our Ward area.

The scrap metal dealer attended a residential address in a van, that is described as white and scruffy. He showed his Leeds Council scrap metal collector licence and then stated the Council had sent him to collect scrap metal. The resident was suspicious and the Council were contacted who stated this was not correct and he was not working on their behalf. The male then left in his van.

This has been reported to the Council for them to make further enquiries regards this incident and the identity of the male, which was shown on the ID he produced.

Please can I ask that residents be aware of this and to reports any such incident to Leeds City Council or to the Police on 101.

Many thanks,


Ward Manager Adel and Wharfedale
Leeds District – Outer North West
Otley Police Station, Bridge Street, Otley, LS21 3BA
Internal: 26265
External: 101

To report a crime, please ring 101. Always dial 999 in an emergency.

For the latest news and updates:

Visit our website –



Action Fraud AlertPolice message received from PC 5201 Ingham regards a new and emerging fraud that has been reported via Action Fraud.  PC 5201 Ingham is not aware of any reported in our area but please be aware for information.

Here is a web chat, found by the below link, which relates to Fraud.

“The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) and Action Fraud have noticed a rise in the reporting of victims being recruited via Facebook to sell items for suspects on eBay – often stating that it is a quick way of making money.

The items are said to be bankrupt stock, purchased via auctions, and need to be sold on quickly. The majority of the items reported have been Apple Mac Book Pro/Electrical Items.

The victim places the items on eBay and once the items are sold, the victim will get paid and transfer the funds to the suspect/recruiter.

Once the suspect/recruiter gets the funds, the purchasers are claiming that they have received empty cereal boxes or often no goods at all, leaving the victim being reported as the actual suspect, and leaving them out of pocket as their account will be debited. Continue reading

West Yorkshire Police are recruiting Police Constables (external campaign) [NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED]‏


We received this yesterday from West Yorkshire Police, which may be of interest to you.

“Hi, Good news, West Yorkshire Police are currently recruiting for Police Constables. They are particularly keen to have applications from underrepresented groups. The applications will close on 21st February 2016. I am sending this email so that you can either apply yourself or make someone else aware ASAP as the deadline is very short. Don’t worry if you or others don’t apply this time as there will be future recruitment campaigns.”

Details and application can be found on the West Yorkshire Police Website or the link below;

Crime reduction advice [NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED]‏

WY PolicePlease see the attached link received today from PC Karina Ingham, Ward Manager Adel and Wharfedale, which takes you to the Met Police site. On here is a good crime reduction booklet “the little book of big scams.” This is certainly worth a read for people so if you could please pass on this information to your friends, family and via your network, this out to local residents via your network.  Thank you.

Fraud web chat

WY Police

Police message received below from PC 5201 Ingham for information. Tonight there is a web chat, found by the below link, which relates to Fraud.


Please feel free to circulate this to your contacts as it may be of interest to residents.

A live online web chat is taking place tonight, Tuesday 17th November on the subject of fraud. The event begins at 7pm and will l run for about an hour with host Crime Prevention Officer Chris Joyce.

The public are invited to tune in and ask questions about any concerns or issues they have around fraud.

To join in visit:

Social media authors are encouraged to advertise the web chat on your local network.