*Update* Urgent Works, Sewer collapse on Weetwood Lane

Please see information below, we have received (15/11/17), Highways Services via Cllr Billy Flynn, and which may be of interest to you.

“Dear All

As per my email of the 26th of October

Yorkshire Water’s contractor – Amey – have completed their investigation works into the collapsed sewer on Weetwood Lane

Repair works will begin on Thursday (tomorrow) with the initial excavations being carried out using the 2 way lights that are currently in place

By Wednesday of next week (22nd November) Amey will be in the position to expose the sewer fully

This is an old brick sewer which is 0.6m in diameter

A large excavation pit will be required.

This will be over 4m deep and potentially up to 16m long

Given the location of the excavation and the machinery that will be required on site there will not be enough carriageway width to allow traffic to pass safely.

Therefore, Weetwood Lane will need to be closed from the entrance to Oxley Hall student flats to the entrance to The Hollies park.

Access will be maintained for residents but there will be no through route to the Ring Road from A660 Otley Road and vice versa

Traffic will be diverted via Ring Road Weetwood – Lawnswood Roundabout – Otley Road and vice versa

The closure will come into effect at 10am on the 22nd November and will remain in place for 5 weeks

Amey will have teams working 7 days a week until the job is completed

Given the highly traffic sensitive nature of the road network in this area, significant disruption should be expected. Especially during the morning and evening peaks

Advanced warning signs will be placed on site today to warn regular road users of what to expect

Yorkshire Water will also be issuing information to the local press and radio to alert the wider public

The digital message sign outside Weetwood Police station on the A660 will also display information regarding the closure

We will continue to work closely with Yorkshire Water/Amey and ensure that the works are completed as quickly as possible

Please feel free to pass this information on to any other party that may find it useful

If you have any question please let me know.”

Kind regards


6 thoughts on “*Update* Urgent Works, Sewer collapse on Weetwood Lane

  1. I searched the Yorkshire Water website to clarify details of this a few days ago, and there was nothing on their map of works. I also ‘spoke’ to one of their representatives via online webchat and she knew nothing about it and despite speaking to her colleagues she couldn’t get any more info…typical…left hand, right hand etc

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