Car ClampCllr Barry Anderson passed on some important information he had received from a local resident who published the following information:

Be Aware of Clampers down your street!!!!

This morning (Tuesday 21 April ’15) in Smithy Lane, Cookridge, Leeds 16 there was a white transit van driven by a man with a woman passenger. The van has some sort of small camera device on the roof.  There is some small writing on the doors, but these details were not taken.

They were seen fitting a WHEEL CLAMP to a vehicle on that street.

When asked what they were doing, the woman said that they were clamping all vehicles without road tax.

It would appear that now vehicles do not have to display a current road tax that people are trying to avoid paying for it as there is no visual sign that they have in fact paid.

It appears that the Local Council are aware from DVLC records of which cars are not taxed etc, and they visit the address of the untaxed vehicle and put a wheel clamp on it. They also affix some sort of notice to the windscreen.

So, apart from having to pay for the wheel clamp to be removed, they will have to tax their vehicle before it is so removed. They might also have to pay a Fixed Penalty for having the untaxed vehicle on the road, plus other ancillary offences like no insurance and MOT.

 Please be aware, and inform your friends of the above. 

You might save someone a lot of money.”

As a result of this I received an email from another resident asking if this is correct and did the Council have these powers.

Cllr Barry Anderson took this up with the Chief Highways Officer and he has advised me as follows:

“We have made enquiries with our Parking Manager who advised the clamping would either be the DLVA or their contractors as they have statutory powers to clamp/remove untaxed vehicles. Occasionally, his team does clamp/remove persistent offenders with multiple tickets and no registered keeper which they have powers to do.

I hope this assists with your query.”

I trust this gives you the information you may need if you see this in your locality.

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Litter Bins

Please see text below received from Cllr Barry Anderson’s dated 17 February 2013

“I refer to previous correspondence and would advise that I received a number of suggestions for the location of the two new litter bins in the area. After looking at all of the locations suggested and checking these with Streetscene Services it has been agreed that the following locations will have 2 new litter bins installed.

 outside the Church on Church Lane just as you enter the long path 

 entrance to ginnel from Otley Road to Holt Close (Otley Road end)

I’m told that they should be installed within the next few weeks. 

However, this has now been changed.  Continue reading

School Crossing Patrol – Sir George Martin Drive

Please see below recently published in the Adel Bells Church Magazine by Cllr Barry Anderson which may be of interest to you.

I am pleased to report that following successful interviews an applicant has been offered the position of School Crossing Patrol Warden on Sir George Martin Drive. The Council Officer responsible has advised that they hope to have the Warden in place at Adel by the end of February.

Please share this news with your friends on Facebook and help keep everyone in the local area informed of what is happening in our community.

Grass Cutting Contract

Please see below recently received from Cllr Barry Anderson giving update on the new ground maintenance contract between the various ALMOs including West North West homes Leeds and Continental who have taken over from Glendale since January 2012.

“Please find set out below some information on the new grass cutting service which started on 1st January 2012. As you may or may not be aware Glendales used to have the grass cutting contract and they have been replaced by a company called Continental Landscapes Ltd.

The mobilisation programme has been successful and Continental started the new contract on the 3rd of January 2012. Following a detailed induction training course for their front line staff, they started winter maintenance work on shrub and rose beds across the city on the 5th of January and the monitoring carried out to date shows that they are delivering services to the required standards.

In view of the very mild winter weather conditions experienced to date, discussions are taking place with Continental to bring forward the first grass cut, now programmed to commence on 13th February 2012. There will be areas of grass that will not be accessible due to soft ground conditions or where spring bulbs have been planted and for these reasons, the first cut will be partial.

Set out below is a copy of the information being sent to residents, in case you see the grass being cut, or not, as the case may be, in February.”

Grass Cutting Service 2012 

Communication Bulletin: January 2012

Dear Resident,

Continental Landscapes has taken over responsibility for cutting grass in your area as of 1st January 2012 and are preparing for the mowing season that normally commences in early March. Continental Landscapes will provide a grounds maintenance service to Leeds City Council housing areas within East North East Homes Leeds, Aire Valley Homes Leeds, West North West Homes Leeds, Belle Isle Tenant Management Organisation (BITMO) and Highways.

The Winter of 2011-2012 has so far been one of the mildest on record with grass continuing to grow throughout the Winter period. Unless there is a sharp cold spell in January and February the grass will be very long in March making the first cut difficult and unsightly, with large volumes of grass growth being inevitable.

Planning the first cut
Continental Landscapes are planning to start cutting grass earlier this year in an attempt to get ahead of a flush of growth from the Winter. There may be difficulties with such an early cut and this communication bulletin will help explain what residents can expect.

What Continental Landscapes will do

  • Ensure trained staff assess ground conditions prior to putting machines on site to avoid damage.
  • Cut as many areas as possible utilising all but the largest of our machinery.
  • Ensure trained staff have map details of bulb areas to avoid any damage.

What Continental Landscapes will not do

  • Cut grass on steep banks which could be dangerous to staff due to wet and slippery conditions.
  • Cut grass with poor natural drainage to prevent extensive damage.

Future Maintenance
Those sites omitted from the first cut due to poor ground conditions will be maintained to a standard that is consistent with the contract specification through delivery of the second and third cuts.

Contact Details
Should you have any queries regarding the details contained in this information sheet, please contact the following;



Cllr. Barry Anderson
Adel & Wharfedale Ward