Turning Circle Sir George Martin Drive

Publisher: Cllr Barry Anderson

This issue was raised at the last Adel Association Meeting. I agreed to raise the issue and set out below is the response from Highways.

“Cllr Anderson

Very disappointing, the kerb alignment reflected the desire line where vehicles had over-run the grass, not wide enough for some ! I had heard from the team on site that Buses were parking up and taking breaks in a similar position. I am not an expert on Parking Restrictions and their justification, however I consulted the guru earlier about the recommendation, his comments below in blue.

Double yellow lines in these circumstances would not be effective. This is because the drivers of the vehicles stopping in the turning circle appear to be staying with their vehicles and if a warden approached them they could simply move off. In a location fairly remote from other restrictions any enforcement would be sporadic.

Not very positive, but reluctantly the only other alternative is to look at physical deterrents.”