Adel Crag Association Gets A Big Thank You

This article was originally published in The Winter Buzz Magazine

West North West Homes Leeds says a big “thank you” to all our inspirational community stars.

We were delighted to hold our first Community Stars awards ceremony at Leeds Civic Hall on 19 October 2010.  The event, attended by over 170 guests, was organised to say ‘thank-you’ to all the tenants, residents and community groups whose actions and initiatives have made a real difference to their communities.

Each Community Star Award winner was presented with a trophy, certificate and gift vouchers.  Chief Executive of West and North West Leeds, Claire Warren, said “This evening is about recognising the unsung heroes who live and work in the communities and valuing the contributions they make, however small, towards making West North West homes Leeds a better place to live.  Although the Judging Panel has had to choose finalists and one overall winner in each category it is clear to me that every single nominee is a “community star” and deserves a big thank you from all of us.”

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