Neighbourhood Police Update W/c 21st February

There have been 5 reports of burglary in the last week these have occurred on Gainsborough Drive where Europrofile locks were attacked, 2 on Kingsley Drive, both where locks have been attacked, Church Lane,  again another Europrofile lock, here a vehicle was also stolen and on Farrar lane where a rear window was prized open.  There have been no reports of vehicle crime. A metal tap has been stolen from the side of a house on The Drive and a garage has also been broken into on Otley Road where food stuffs were stolen.

We have had no asb reports this week.  Although, we have been notified that vehicles are still venturing onto Tile Lane so we have been patrolling the area frequently.  No one has been seen and there has been nothing to report.  On the 26th several members of the public offered support to officers for their work with SID on Adel Lane, we welcome any residents that wish to take part in the deployment. Chuch Lane and the Mulberry estate were also patrolled, homes that had suffered with ASB previously were also revisited but only 1 was in, they did say however that no further occurrences had happened. Eastmoor was further checked on the 27th but all was quiet.

SID has been deployed on the 26th to Adel Lane where 6 vehicles were noted going above the 30mph speed limit and 2 fixed penalty notices were given for motorists not wearing a seatbelt.

Arrests of note
3 males aged 21, 22, and 23 and from Bramley and Armley have been arrested for the above burglary on Church Lane, they are currently on bail.

For full police report of North West Outer NPT please click here…

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