Neighbourhood Police Update W/c 28th March

There has been 1 report of a burglary in the last week , this was a bogus burglary on Wayland Croft where offenders pretended to be from the Water board. This is the 2nd of this nature in the area and previously 2 others in nearby Holt Park have been committed. We urge all of you to look out for your vulnerable friends, family and neighbours. Encourage everyone to challenge suspicious door step callers, and always ask for id. A pedal cycle has been stolen from Farrar Lane overnight.

There have been no reported issues. Both Tile Lane and Bedquilts have been
visited due to the good spell of weather but all has been quiet

SID  has not been deployed.

Arrests of note
A 43 year old male from Moortown  has been interviewed about the damage to the headstones at Lawnswood Cemetery, further enquiries continue and a
further 2 males are being sought.

For full police report of North West Outer NPT please click here…

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