Neighbourhood Police Update W/c 30th May

There has been 1 report of burglary in the last week, this occurred on Kingsley Road, no entry gained but europrofile lock attacked with mole grippers., 4 arrested, see below. A garage was broken into on Redesdale Gardens and there has been 1 report of vehicle crime on Dunstarn Lane where a sat nav was stolen.

There have been no ASB issues in the last week. On the 3rd we received a report regards suspicious males on Oaklea Hall Close, area search was negative and all was in order. On the 5th PCSO Reardon visited residents on Adel Wood Grove regards ASB , they report no issues.

Arrests of note
A local female has been arrested for a damage to a vehicle on Redesdale Gardens, she is currently on bail 4 persons have been arrested for the above burglary on Kingsley Road, 2 males aged 17 and 18 years both from Osmondthorpe, a 43 year old female from East End Park and a male 68 years from Seacroft, all are on bail.

The local priorities have been changed so these will be reported on next week. Some of the speeding issues have remained the same for various reasons, but we aim to change the priorities every month.  They have been decided upon after compiling information from complaints received at meetings, verbally , emails and calls to our control room.

For full police report of North West Outer NPT please click here…

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