David Wilson Homes Development on Holt Avenue Meeting 21st July

Adel Crag Community Association wish to bring to your attention an article recently published in the Adel Bells Church Magazine by Dr Barrie Hopson, Chairman Adel Association in relation to the above.

As everyone now knows the Leeds City Council and the Adel Association lost the appeal to prevent new housing on this site.  The original plans were withdrawn by the developer during the Appeal when it became apparent the their designs were probably not going to be accepted by the Inspector.  Instead they asked for and got general planning permission for the site.  The Inspector also recommended that DWH should enter into a dialogue with our Association and of course LCC.

Their new architects sent the initial plans to us recently.  We have set up another small team to analyse these and to meet with the Council to develop an agreed response.  The good news is that is that they have reduced the number of houses from the original 70 down to 46.  As yet they have not submitted any designs or details of materials and they are asking us for suggestions relating to both of these matters.

They plan to show their latest plans and ideas at a display at the Stables on July 21 from 5-7.30 pm.  This will be followed by the scheduled Adel Association meeting.  I implore as many residents as possible to visit the display.  There will then be ample opportunity to present your views at the later meeting.  Get as many neighbours as possible to attend both events.  We will not all agree on everything – because we are a community of different people – but hopefully we may be able to agree on some general principles which we will feed back to the Leeds planners initially and then directly to DWH.

For further information you may wish to visit www.adelassociation.org.uk – all the minutes from their meetings are available along with news and announcements on local events and initiatives.  It is regularly updated, so if you would like to inform residents of what you are doing or planning please email Barry Cook on barry.cook@adel-leeds.co.uk.

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