Neighbourhood Police Update W/c 11th July 2011

There has been only 1 burglary reported which occurred at Adel Wood Towers where the property was left insecure, car keys taken along with the car. There has been 1 report of vehicle crime which occurred on St Helens Way  where a window was smashed and a built in sat nav removed.

We have received several calls re ASB on the Adel Wood Estate, youths have been spoken with and warned re the consequences of there actions, going forward this will be monitored; to date the community has reported a noticeable improvement. On the 13th PCSO King has been looking into a suspicious male who was stating he was selling loft insulation on Derwent Close and Wharfe Close, houses were entered and checked by the man but no work carried out, it was felt that he was ‘casing’ the place. CASAC leaflets have been left in the area to raise awareness of crime prevention.

has been deployed on the 12th to St Martins Drive however no one was speeding during the time police were there, on the 14th to St Georges Drive when again there were no speeders.

Our 3 main crime types of concern continue to be;
1. Burglary – specifically where mole grips are used to attack euro profile
locks and car keys stolen in order to steal the cars, we have found that
Audi’s and BMW’s are predominantly the makes being targeted
2. Theft from motor vehicles – Built in sat nav systems in Audi’s
3. Metal theft

We have held a 3 day operation this week involving Roads Policing,
Operations Support Division and local NPT, targeting travelling criminals,
in particular burglars.  The main gateway from Bradford into our area being
Guiseley and Apperley Lane, we have concentrated our efforts in these 2
locations. There were numerous hits on our Automated Number Plate
Recognition cameras which resulted in 1 ticket being issued, 1 warning
given for cannabis possession, 1 fine being given for cannabis, 27 people
stopped and searched and 1 driver having to provide his documents for

For full police report of North West Outer NPT please click here…

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