Neighbourhood Police Update W/c 18th July 2011

There have been 2 reports of burglary in the last week, these have occurred on Broomfield where mole grips used to snap euro profile lock, no entry gained and Chestnut Drive , again mole grips to euro profile lock, the occupant who was upstairs asleep hears the noise and bangs on the window, the offenders run off.  There have been 2 reports of vehicle crime, St Helens Lane where window is smashed and integral sat nav stolen from inside. Otley Road where chains on the roof of a van were cut and 2 sets of ladders stolen. On the 21st PCSO Harrison attended the Adel area with CASAC and on the 22nd PCSO King was out on Broomfield and Chestnut Drive carrying out a CASAC leaflet drop.

Tile Lane continues to be patrols but there have been no calls up there this week. There are no on going ASB issues at present.

SID has not been deployed this week.

Arrests of note
5 males have been arrested for the above burglary on The Drive,  they are aged 30 from Horsforth, 21 years from Seacroft, 22 years from Bramley, 21 years of no fixed abode and 18 years from the Hawksworth estate, all are currently on bail.

Our 3 main crime types of concern continue to be;
1. Burglary – specifically where mole grips are used to attack euro profile
locks and car keys stolen in order to steal the cars, we have found that
Audi’s and BMW’s are predominantly the makes being targeted
2. Theft from motor vehicles – Built in sat nav systems in Audi’s
3. Metal theft

No incidents to report.

No incidents to report.

All families are invited to the below Children’s Day Carnival, double click to open

(See attached file: Children’s Day Carnival reduced size.jpg)

For full police report of North West Outer NPT please click here…

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