Road Safety – Careless Driving Fines

A new government strategy to make Britain’s roads safer has been announced.  Ministers have proposed giving the police powers to fine careless drivers, rather than taking them to court.  They would be given fixed penalty notices for a range of offences such as tail-gating, undertaking and cutting up other road users.  Offenders could be fined around £80 and have three points added to their licence.  The proposals will need to go through Parliament and if succesful, are likely to be introduced across England, Scotland and Wales at some point in 2012.

We welcome the idea but would like to have your comments on this matter.

Thank you.

One thought on “Road Safety – Careless Driving Fines

  1. The streets would really be a lot safer without all those drivers who think they’re Vin Diesel or something. Careless driving is the main cause of accidents on roads all over the world. Hopefully things will get better and soon.


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