Neighbourhood Police Update W/c 8th August 2011

There have been 3 sheds broken into in the last week, 1 on Redesdale Gardens where a lock was forced and a bike stolen and 2 on Otterburn Gardens, again locks forced and bikes stolen, a further bike was also stolen from Otterburn Gardens after it was left chained to a drain pipe. On Gainsborough Avenue a set of registration plates were stolen from a car.

There are no ongoing issues. Tile Lane and Eastmoor continue to be patrolled.  PCSO King has been putting up posters around Wayland Croft advertising his forthcoming input in joint partnership with Trading Standards. The input is very informative regards cold callers and how to set up cold calling zones, we have been very successful in the Yeadon and Rawdon areas with this project.

SID not deployed due to staffing commitments.

It was a difficult week all round last week, with the much publicised riots a significant number of staff have been abstracted to attend various parts of the country, some staff still remain with other forces and we continue to get requests for assistance.

Arrests of note
A 19 year old male from Tinshill has been arrested for stealing from Asda, he has been charged.  A 23 year old male from Ireland Wood has been arrested for drugs and driving offences after he was stopped in a vehicle on Holtdale Fold and following a search various drugs were located, he is currently on bail.

For full police report of North West Outer NPT please click here…

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