Adel Crag Woodland Event Update (The Spinney)

Further to a previous post our clean up event at The Spinney in Adel Woods during the month of October was a great success – the children enjoyed and certainly put a smile on their faces.  It was not just educational for the children but also for the adults.

All generations joined in the activities with Steve Clavering, Countryside Ranger including a Walk & Talk where we discovered a bit more about the trees and how they differ from each other.

We were delighted that a number of residents from Harrogate and Holt Park joined in the fun day event.  It goes to show that other communities can work well together as well as our own local people, which was an excellent opportunity to get to know each other better.  We all should feel proud to know that other communities have an interest in our area.

We would like to thank the Rangers Steve and Dan for their help with everything they do from running public events to organising and delivering practical educational conversation tasks.

Although it was a cold day everyone enjoyed it and would like to do it again sometime during early Spring/ Summer.

Adel Crag Association wish to thank Leeds City Council’s Outer North West Area Committee for the recently awarded Wellbeing fund grant, and local ward member Cllr Barry Anderson towards the event.

We also would like to thank PCSOs Claire Salkeld and Becky Neilson for attending the opening of the event.

Once again, thank you for an enjoyable day and we hope to see you all again at future events.

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