Neighbourhood Police Update W/c 26th December 2011

May I first wish you all the best for a prosperous, happy and crime free New Year.

We have had an increase in burglaries to sheds and garages. It has come to notice today that burglars are identifying homes where bikes are present as those with bike racks on cars outside. I would urge anyone with a bike rack on their car to remove it ASAP. Often there can be a great deal of damage caused getting round the backs of your homes to break into your sheds and garages. There is also of course the upset and financial issues that go hand in hand with a burglary.

Please be aware, a new website that has been launched in December 2011 (Neighbourhood Watch Online) is not supported by the Police and has no links to which does offer members the correct advice.

No incidents to report.

There has been 1 report of burglary in the last week which occurred on Mulberry Avenue, where molegrips have been used to snap a euro profile lock to gain entry, digital equipment and jewellery were stolen. There has been no vehicle crime.

ASB No incidents to report on.

SID / Speed gun has been deployed on Adel Lane on the 30th where there was only 1 vehicle travelling over the speed limit.

Arrests of note
A 28 year old male from Holt Park has been arrested for a robbery that occurred on New Adel Lane back in September 2011. Further enquiries continue.

PS 5014 Jane Franks

For full police report of North West Outer NPT please click here…

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