David Wilson Homes Plans – site of Holt Avenue LS16

Please find information received yesterday from Cllr Barry Anderson:

“I was recently asked why the Council are insisting on different building materials rather than the preferences of local residents.

I have now received a reply from Planning which is set out below.”

Dear Councillor,

Further to your email I hope the following is a helpful response. The applicant [DW Homes] is proposing that the houses could either be built of an artificial stone or in a brick option. Adel has a range of building materials and as such either of these options is likely to be appropriate. The local community wish to see the houses built-in stone; this was discussed at the pre-application presentation to Plans Panel West, though no clear indication of what Panel thought on this matter was received. The colour of the artificial stone proposed by the applicant is a grey not yellow option. As the application site is not within a conservation area or affecting the setting of a listed building to any significant degree it is not reasonable to require the applicant to build the houses in natural stone. Accordingly using a grey art stone normally gives a better finish than an artificial yellow coloured stone and as such will probably look better in the context of Adel and compliment the range of existing building material. Clearly you will appreciate this is our view on the material proposed by the applicant and is subjective.

I hope this assists.


Principal Planner
Planning Services

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