Neighbourhood Police Update W/c 9th January 2012

There has been 3 burglaries in the Adel area this week, one on Adel Green during the daytime, there has been some expensive ornaments stolen mainly Lladro figures and also some jewellery including a Gucci watch. The suspect has gained entry by using a mole grip type tool to snap the euro profile lock on the rear door.

The second one was on Church Lane; again this happened during the day time. Suspects have used a tool to break a leaded glass window, and then bend back the lead to gain entry to the downstairs living room. The alarm was activated but the suspects have still managed to steal 12 antique solid silver ornaments that are worth £1500.00

The third burglary was an attempt burglary on Heathfield, suspect has
forced open a locked window, breaking the lock handle, the house alarm has sounded and the suspects have made off without getting in to the property.

Vehicle Crime:
On Tuesday dinner time 2 suspects were disturbed on Kingsley Road whilst trying to break into a works van. When they couldn’t get in through the door they have smashed the back quarter light window, reached in and took two work torches. The suspects have then made of in a small blue coloured car.

Anything Else of Note
There has been an increase in purse dipping in the local supermarkets, please make sure when you are out shopping that you never leave your handbag or purse unattended in the trolley.

ASB There have been no reported incidents of anti social behaviour this week in Adel.

We are in the process of putting together a quarterley Farmwatch news letter. The membership numbers for Farmwatch are growing, with so many people now on the look out for suspicious incidents, the incidents are far and few between hense there has not been very many text message alerts sent out.

We would be interested in hearing from anyone who wears high visibility clothing with ‘POLITE’ written on the back of it. What have your experiences been with car drivers – Good or Bad ????

For full police report of North West Outer NPT please click here…

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