A one-way system was in operation for pedestrians

The free trip to Lincoln Christmas Market was a great success with 47 people of all generations attending, despite it being a cold day.  Everyone enjoyed it.

These are some of the comments received:

“Mulled wine and Bratwurst helped to make up for the feeling of being a sardine in an ocean of very tightly packed sardines. We had a good day, but there was an unbelievable amount of people there”!

“The architecture inside the magnificent 12th Century Cathedral was so beautiful it took your breath away.  In fact we enjoyed it so much we later went back to take another look round.”

“It was divine to see and listen to the story about one of the stone carvings within the Cathedral – the Lincoln Imp.”  Apparently there are several variations of the legend surrounding the figure.  History of the Lincoln Imp please click here…..

“It was unbelievable how many people were there feeling packed together like penguins but warm which created a great atmosphere.”

“Thanks for a good day out on Saturday. We all appreciated the opportunity to take part and feel grateful for all the hard work put in to organising the event. It was an enjoyable day, in spite of all the tremendous crowds of visitors.”

“It was nice that the Lincoln Council had organised a one-way system in place to make it easier for visitors but still they continued to walk in the wrong direction thus making it more difficult to get through the crowds.

“We would love to do the trip again sometime.”

Adel Crag would like to thank you all for your comments and to thank all those who kindly gave a donation. This will be used wisely towards forthcoming events and other commodities that are necessary for your association to engage with all generations.

We also wish to thank West North West Homes Leeds for Diverse Community Fund funding for the trip, which your association submitted a bid for approval, making it possible for us to give all generations some joy and an opportunity to get to know each other better and to bring back the community spirit.

We hope you’ll continue to support us and look forward to seeing you again at our future events.

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26th October 2011

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