Neighbourhood Police Update W/c 20th February 2012

Faithwatch – On Holtdale Gardens an unoccupied property has been broken into by suspects smashing a window and climbing in. A Combi boiler and some copper piping has been taken.

On Holt Park Crescent home owners have been woken by the sound of ladders being put up against a dorma bedroom at 7.30 in the morning, lead flashing has been pulled away from the roof area causing damage. The suspect has then made off, later that day a male has knocked on the door of the same house stating that he had come to repair the roof. The damage to the roof had not been reported at this time so it is believed that this could be the suspect returning to take the lead he had already stripped away from the roof. Enquiries are on going.

There have been no reported burglaries in the area this week. There has been 1 report of vehicle crime where a catalytic converter has been stolen from a Honda CRV, on Church Lane this has happened during the day whilst the car has been parked, locked and secure.

There have been no calls regarding anti social behaviour this week.

Arrests of note:
A telephone call was received from a member of the public saying they could smell cannabis from a nearby premise. Officers attend and locate a cannabis factory on Otley Road, the cannabis factory has been dismantled and destroyed. A 38 year old female and a 42 year old male both from Otley have been arrested, both are currently on bail.

For full police report of North West Outer NPT please click here…

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