Road Safety, Bodington Hall

Cllr Barry Anderson was asked about the recent traffic counts that have been carried out on Adel Lane and the ring road end of Long Causeway, he took this issue up with Highways Planning and set out below is the reply he received.

“Dear Cllr Anderson

During the consideration of the recent planning application for residential development at the Bodington site we highlighted concerns to the developer about the potential impact of the development on Adel Lane. You will be aware that the application was subsequently refused and that highway reasons formed part of that refusal.

As a result of your e-mail I have contacted the applicant’s Transport Consultant and he has advised that the counts and radar speed surveys were carried out by his team in response to the highway concerns and that at the appropriate time this information will be presented to us for comment. This would either be as part of a revised planning application submission or as part of an appeal on the refused scheme.

A meeting with the developer and his team has been arranged by Planning for Monday 26th March to discuss the way forward. I hope to be in a better position to advise you when the data will become available after the meeting.”

Kind regards

Senior Highway Development Engineer
Transport Development Services

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