Neighbourhood Police Update W/c 12th March 2012

MICROSOFT SUPPORT CENTRE TELEPHONE SCAM People have been receiving calls from an Indian based call centre claiming to be calling on behalf of Microsoft Support. The operator say’s that a fault has been identified with the Window’s programme you have on your computer/laptop and they are calling to resolve this for you. The steps you are asked to follow actually installs a malicious virus which enables them to get access to your personal information. If you do receive a call from such a company, please do not give out any information no matter how insistent the caller may be. Just hang up.

There has been a burglary on Adel Park Gardens, a ground floor window of a wooden garage has been smashed, then suspects use bodily force to gain entry to the main house through the garage. Once inside the suspect’s have searched the property and stolen a 60″ TV, a lot of electrical items and a lot of expensive jewellery. This has happened during the day time. Enquiries are on going.

On Wayland Approach there has been some lead stolen from a porch roof over night. A robbery occurred on Redesdale Gardens here 2 males who had attended a house party on that street then demanded the victim’s phone and chain, the victim said no and was then punched and kicked, the phone was then stolen. 2 males have been arrested as below.

Other news:
PC Knowles and PCSO King have also attended the Adel PACT meeting, the residents didn’t have any issues to be raised with the Police.

ASB no incidents to report

Arrests of note:
A 19 year old male from Horsforth and a 22 year old male from the Hawksworth estate have been arrested for a robbery that occurred above, both have been charged and remanded.

For full police report of North West Outer NPT please click here…

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