Neighbourhood Police Update W/c 16th April 2012

Free Security Assessment 
Available from registered Charity / Security experts, CASAC. CASAC Burglary Reduction work closely with West Yorkshire Police to ensure that their fully qualified Safety Engineers are best placed to identify vulnerable doors and windows. The engineer will produce a no obligation quote for any security improvements and can install them if needed. Telephone 0113 239 2821.

Neighbourhood Watch

Message from the NHW Chair, Jim Maddan: Our 30th anniversary year is rushing by and it will soon be June and Neighbourhood Watch Week. The sight of the sun and some warm weather reminds us all that we need to be extra vigilant when we leave our homes and remember to close all doors and windows. We must also remember to put our gardening tools away and secure them in sheds and garages. Garden tools are frequently used by burglars to gain entry to homes. There is some useful information about garden security on our website,

The Home Office are passing on many of their previously held responsibilities for supporting neighbourhood and home watch schemes on to the NHWN. We have already taken on responsibility for promotional material, street signs and window stickers, and as from 1st April 2012, we assumed responsibility for Public Liability Insurance and the licensing of the Neighbourhood Watch and Home Watch logos and branding. We have negotiated an excellent PLI policy, with added features and coverage, which will benefit all approved members. This added responsibility is a sign that our status is well established and that we are truly the voice of Neighbourhood Watch and Home Watch in England and Wales.

No incidents to report.

A number of out buildings at the old railway gas house were broken into off Station Road and various plants stolen. Several cabins on farmland off Creskeld Lanewere broken into but nothing stolen. Please be vigilant and report any suspicious activity.

There has been 1 report of house burglary this week. This occurred on Back Church Lane where the suspect entered via an insecure door and was disturbed by the occupant. 1 male was arrested. See arrests of note. There has been no reported vehicle crime.

Arrests of note
A 19 year old male from Meanwood has been arrested for the burglary on Back Church Lane, further enquiries continue.

No reported Anti Social behaviour this week, however Tile Lane is being monitored due to previous problems during the hot spell in March.

For full police report of North West Outer NPT please click here…

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