Neighbourhood Police Update W/c 16th July 2012    PRIORITY   Speeding, Church Lane

There have been 4 reports of burglary in the last week, these have occurred on The Crescent where a steel rod has been used to jemmy open the patio doors but the alarm sounded and no entry gained. Whinfield where a suspect was disturbed in the rear garden by the occupant, Mulberry Avenue where a kitchen door was left insecure, Chestnut Way which was possibly left insecure as no damaged caused to get in, see arrests below. There have been no reports of vehicle crime.

SID not deployed.

Arrests of note
A 19 year old local male has been arrested for the burglary on Mulberry Avenue above, further enquiries continue.

A 21 year old female from Hyde Park has been arrested for the burglary on Chestnut Way, further enquiries continue.

W/c 9th July   PRIORITY   Speeding, Church Lane

There have been no burglaries in the last week, there has been 1 report of vehicle crime which occurred on East Causeway where a sliding door on a van was broken into and gardening equipment stolen.

ASB no incidents to report

SID not deployed this week.

W/c 2nd July  PRIORITY   Speeding, Church Lane

No reported house burglaries in the area this week.There has been 1 theft from a vehicle at Adel Lane. Entry was gained by unknown means. Property was stolen and damage was caused.

ASB no significant ASB to report.

The Speed Indication Device has been deployed at Adel Mill. No vehicles were observed to be exceeding the speed limit. Officers will be targeting this street at different times to build up a filler picture.

For full police report of North West Outer NPT please click here…

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