Neighbourhood Police Update W/c 23rd July 2012

Police WomenFaithwatch
No issues to report.

Henshaw Yard, Yeadon had a lock on a gate was attacked and then a roller hooked up to a van that the offenders arrived in to steal the property.

Milners Yard, Yeadon overnight where 2 plant vehicles have had fuel siphoned off.

PRIORITY Speeding, Church Lane

There have been 2 reports of burglary in the last week, these have occurred on Oaklea Hall Close where the property was left insecure, cash was stolen. Adel Green where 3 males attempt to snap the rear euro profile locks on the patio doors, they run off when the occupant arrives home, see arrests below. There has been no reported vehicle crime.

On Friday 27th until 0300 hours, 3 officers were deployed to Cookridge, Adel and Horsforth, during this time they conducted street sweeps and found 7 houses insecure and 3 vehicles with property on display. All owners were located and advised.

ASB No incidents of note to report.

SID has been deployed on the 26th to Church Lane around Adel mill area with 34 vehicles found in excess of the 30 mph at various times throughout the day.

Arrests of note
3 males aged 18 from Ireland Wood, 19 years from Hyde Park and 16 years from Horsforth have been arrested for both the Adel Green burglary above and Holt Vale burglary in Holt park after they were caught running away, further enquiries continue into both crimes.

For full police report of North West Outer NPT please click here…

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