Neighbourhood Police Update W/c 13th August 2012

Scam mail trying to obtain

Please beware a Guiseley resident has recently received a scam letter from China, to summarise the letter states that the recipient will receive a sum of money from the estate of a deceased family member that the letter writer is asking for the recipient to confirm that they wish to take part. I suspect that a 2nd letter would ask for bank details.

Faithwatch & Farmwatch

A wrought iron gate was stolen from an address on Gladstone Road whilst the occupants were away..

Adel PRIORITY   Speeding, Church Lane.


Excellent news with no reported burglary or vehicle crime. Adel now has over 30 properties fitted with CCTV which has played a major role in the continued reduction of burglary and vehicle crime in the Adel Area, If you need any advice please contact PCSO 47 Chris King on 07525407677.

SID deployed on the 19th to St Helens Lane but no cars were speeding.

W/c 6th August


Dear Reader, due to a recent role move, from September this news in brief will cease and will be replaced with a monthly newsletter to provide a consistent approach across all our Neighbourhood Policing Teams, I hope you find the newsletter beneficial and useful. Thank you.

Faithwatch & Farmwatch – Netherfield Road, Guiseley a lorry and digger were stolen from a building site overnight, Cemetery Road, Yeadon where a lock is forced on a gate to a yard and a storage container broken into where a large quantity of aluminium scaffolding was stolen and scrap metal from the yard.

Adel PRIORITY Speeding, Church Lane.

Crime Excellent news with no reports of burglary or vehicle crime.

ASB no incidents of note to report.

SID not deployed.

W/c 30th July

Adel PRIORITY Speeding – Church Lane (Adel Mill stretch)

Crime Excellent news with no reports of burglary in the last week. There have been 2 reports of vehicle crime in the last week, these have occurred at Mulberry Avenue where a vehicle was left insecure and power tools stolen and on Back Lane where a window was smashed to steal a handbag inside. Always ensure your valuables are not left on show.

On the 30th PCSO Reardon carried out street sweeps on Adel Wood Close and found 1 insecure property, leaflets and advice were given.

On the 2nd PCSO Neilson paired up with officers from CASAC to give advice about changing locks to anti snapping ones. Streets completed where Gainsborough Drive & Avenue and Kingsley Avenue, Drive & Road. A lot of the residents had already updated their locks and 17 appointments were made with CASAC to improve their security, which is excellent news.

ASB no significant issues to report.

SID has not been deployed this week due to a fault.

Arrests of note

An 18 year old male from Otley has been arrested for 2 burglaries in Holt Park and a further burglary in Adel Green from July after he was chased and detained by PCSO Reardon, he is currently on bail.

For full police report of North West Outer NPT please click here…

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