Action is urged to tackle Sunday football parking congestion issue

A COUNCILLOR is calling for action to tackle weekend parking problems in a north Leeds neighbourhood.

Residents have complained about Sunday morning parking congestion near Bedquilts playing fields at Adel.

Coun Barry Anderson (Cons, Adel and Wharfedale) said the problems caused by overspill parking when the pitches are in use on Sundays had recently got worse.

He said: “The number of teams using the pitches, and therefore the number of cars visiting the area, has increased dramatically, making current car parking provision totally inadequate.

‘The situation is now wholly unacceptable.

“On a Sunday morning, Adel Lane is almost totally parked up on one side from St Helen’s Lane to church Lane.

‘This reduces the lane to a single track road, causing total gridlock at times.

“The city council’s parks and countryside department need to seriously consider whether the current car parking provision is adequate.

“Part of this could be looking to ensure that users of the current two car parks are maximising the space available.

“In the meantime, however, visitors to Bedquilts cannot be allowed to cause mayhem for residents on what should be a peaceful day.”

Published in the YEP 7th November 2012

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