Adel Crag gets vintage community notice board

Thanks to a successful Area Panel bid Adel Crag Community Association (ACCA) secured a vintage community notice board for the communal grass area facing Sir George Martin Drive. The lovely notice board was sympathetically chosen so it would fit in with the natural beauty of Adel village.

After careful consideration Adel Crag Community Association decided it would be best for whole of the community to name the notice board ‘Adel Village’. The notice board provides information to residents and to the wider community who do not get to know what’s happening in the area as not all residents have access to the internet to view the Community Association’s website

Chair of ACCA Francis Garbutt said “We are pleased to have received so many positive comments from the residents and how impressed they are about the notice board which has proved to be a success for our local community. We aim to update the notice board weekly generally every Monday.”

Should anyone wish to display an article of events etc on our notice board please click Contact button above. To talk about area panel bids contact your Neighbourhood Management Officer.

Photograph and article published in the Autumn The Buzz Magazine.

2 thoughts on “Adel Crag gets vintage community notice board

  1. Please could I post a notice to all fellow Adellers about my community based Fitness Sessions at the Old Stables, Back Church Lane and the local YMCA on Otley Rd please?

    Caroline.. Sent from my iPad


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