Stop the Trolleybus!


Leeds City Council’s Executive Board will be meeting in March to decide whether or not to support the trolleybus scheme.

If they give it their approval, we’ll have a long fight on our hands which we might not win.

But if they reject it, we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief.

So if we put the effort in now, it could pay a huge dividend.

The things to do are;

1. Email the Yorkshire Evening Post letters page at:

2. Email the Executive Board councillors.

3. Email your local councillors.

4. Email the Metro councillors.

and tell them what you think of the trolleybus scheme grandly called “New Generation Transport”

Please see below a document containing all the necessary email addresses.

NGT – councillors, MPs and newspapers  (Word Format)

NGT – councillors, MPs and newspapers (PDF Format)

It is anticipated that the existing bus service of bus routes such as the 1, 6 and 28 becoming uneconomic to operate and possibly discontinued.

If you want to know more about the scheme, and how it would affect you, here are links to three websites with information:

Finally, transport consultant Don Townsley will be giving a talk this Wednesday on why NGT is bad for Leeds. Here are the details:

Time:  7pm

Date:   Wednesday 27th February

Place: The Heart centre, Bennett Road, Headingley.

Everyone is welcome.

Please remember to send those emails to the people who can make a difference, and tell everyone you know what’s in store if we do nothing.

One thought on “Stop the Trolleybus!

  1. More power to your elbow guys. We have to work together to stop the folleybus. The time to act is now….
    Take a look at the detail of the plans. See the uglification, the wires, the character of our streets destroyed – and all for a bus on a stick.


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