National Changes to Permitted Development – Urgent

Today (30th May), new permitted development rights come into force across the country allowing homeowners and businesses/ developers greater freedoms to extend and change their premises without the need for planning permission.

In brief the main changes are as follows;

–  Householders can erect single storey rear extensions up to 8m from the rear wall of the original detached dwelling house and up to 6m on other types of houses up to 30th May 2016 i.e. for 3 years.  It does not apply in Conservation Areas and involves a neighbour notification procedure which we will do and an assessment of impact if objections are received.  If objections are not received from adjoining neighbours then the extension is permitted development.  The change doubles the length of the existing limit of 4m for a detached house and 3m for other house types.  The limit on not using more than 1/2 your garden remains in place.  I have attached how the neighbour notification procedure works for information. 

–  Increase in the amount of extensions allowed as PD for offices and shops to 50% or 100sq m and for industrial or warehousing extensions to 50% and increase for changes of use to or from B8 ( storage and distribribution ) from 235 sq m to 500 sq m

–  new change of use class for state funded schools from B1 ( business), C1 (hotels), C2 ( residential institutions), C2A ( secure residential institutions), and D2 ( assembly and leisure) subject to prior approval process to assess impacts

–  new change of use class for offices to residential for 3 year period up to 30th May 2016 subject to prior approval process to assess impacts

–  new class for use of up to 500 sq m of agricultural building to flexible uses within Class A1 ( shops), A2 ( financial and professional services), A3 ( restaurants and cafes), B1 ( business), B8 (storage and distribution), C1 (hotels) or D2 (assembly and leisure).  If more than 150 sq m then prior approval process to assess impacts.

– new temporary uses allowing any premises and land to be used as a state funded school for a single academic year as long as not listed

–  new temporary use of building and land in use as A1, A2, A3, A4 ( drinking establishments), A5 (hot food takeaway), B1, D1 ( non-residential institution) and D2 to be used for a period of up to 2 years within Class A1, A2, A3 or B1 if not more than 150 sq m floor area within the building.  This gives flexibility but could have large impact on the high street and shopping frontages and allow shops to change to restaurants, offices, betting shops and letting agencies without permission for up to 2 years.

Please Click here… Large Extensions – Consultation Scheme

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Publisher: Planning Department

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