Adel Village Community Garden Proposed site – June 2013


At last months Adel Association meeting Wyn Davies, WNWhL, Martin Wright from Park & Countryside. LCC and Francis Garbutt attended to listen to views on the issue of a proposal which has been made by some Adel residents that an area of land on Sir George Martin Drive opposite Wayland Croft be developed into an Adel Village Community Garden (see attached map).

As some of you may be aware Adel Crag Community Association have been looking for a play area for over 30 years but unfortunately have always been turned down by the Council based on both safety and a suitable location.

After a long debate at the Adel Association meeting it was confirmed by Martin Wright from Park & Countryside, LCC that the Sir George Martin Drive site would be suitable for a Community Garden.

Last year Adel Crag Community Association submitted a funding bid to WNWhL Area Panel for a Community Garden to be situated by Sir George Martin Drive so we are pleased to hear that the site would be more suitable for a Community Garden.

The idea of the Community Garden project is to make it educational so it benefits the diverse strands of our community, and  would also give a feeling of refreshing tranquility and an absence of tension or worry.  In addition, the aspect from Wayland Supported Housing Scheme would look more attractive, and enable some residents to get involved in maintaining the Community garden as some of their properties have no gardens of their own.

Adel Crag Community Association fully supports WNWhL’s idea of a Community garden, and will be supporting options 1 & 2 on the questionnaire as a fantastic opportunity for both the Association and residents to be involved.

Please note the questionnaire should be returned no later than Friday, 7th June 2013.

Letter, map and questionnaire from Wyn Davies, Area Performance Manager please Click here….

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