Neighbourhood Policing Team telephone number change

We’ve received the following update from the Police.

Dear all,

You will no doubt be aware that we are making a few changes, with the intention of making us more effective and streamlined. From today you will no longer be able to contact us on the 01274 number that was previously published for contacting Aireborough & Wharfedale NPT. If I am to be realistic, the number of times that the number would have been answered was few and the majority of people had to leave a voice message.

From today the way to contact us for routine matters or to contact you local PCSO or PC is to contact 101. I know there will be people out there who will say that this is another retrograde step, however I can assure you that by doing this we will be able to provide a better service.

Firstly any caller will be answered, whatever the time of day. The call taker will then assess the best course of action. This may mean deploying officers immediately, something that would not have happened before, it will definitely mean that we are not picking up serious incidents from messages on our ansaphone several hours later – we often get callers leaving messages about burglaries and other serious matters, I am sure you will appreciate we would want to deploy to matters like this as soon as we can.

If your call is to communicate with a specific officer then the call taker will connect you to them if they are on duty via their personal radio telephone. If they are not on duty they will use internal email to notify the officer thus giving an audit trail and some accountability to your contact.

If your call is something that is not urgent then the call taker will send a message to our team email (which you can also contact directly yourselves ). This will be picked up by the duty Sergeant and allocated to the best person to help you.

Hopefully this change will improve the service we provide to you, our customers and will be a massive improvement to what we had before. I know that some would rather speak to someone sat in their local police station but times have moved on and we have invested in technology which will get the most appropriate resource to you in the quickest possible time. That resource will be one of your local Neighbourhood Policing team officers who is out and about in your locality.

I would appreciate it if local representatives and organisations could disseminate this as widely as possible.

Kind Regards.

Aireborough & Wharfedale Neighbourhood Policing Team
(covering Adel & Wharfedale, Guiseley & Rawdon, Horsforth, Otley & Yeadon Wards and LeedsBradfordInternationalAirport)

Otley Police Station
Bridge Street
LS21 3BA

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