Adel Village Community Garden – Survey Results

Some of you may recall that back in May 2013 some residents responded to a proposal to develop an area of land on Sir George Martin Drive, opposite Wayland Croft, into an Adel Village Community Garden.

Consultation letters were sent out in the immediate vicinity of the proposed community garden on Adel Mead, Adel Vale, Mulberry Rise, Wayland Approach, Wayland Croft, and Wharfe Close.

West North West Homes Leeds had a good response to the consultation, with the results being as follows:

  • 9 residents were in favour of a garden with informal play equipment
  • 12 residents were in favour of a garden without informal play equipment
  • 38 residents were against the proposal for a community garden and/or any development of the land

These results indicate that almost two thirds of respondents are against the proposal to progress with a community garden or develop the land at all.

West North West Homes Leeds has, therefore, decided that they are unable to support the proposal for a community garden at this time.

Please share this news with your friends on Facebook and help keep everyone in the local area informed of what is happening in our community.

2 thoughts on “Adel Village Community Garden – Survey Results

  1. That is such a shame. With all the proposed Housing Developments a small community garden area would give those residents an opportunity to shine. Such a pretty village as Adel should be thinking about being added to the Leeds in Bloom competition, and the loss of an opportunity to have a community garden is a backward step. Hopefully, you can find another location, otherwise you may finish up with some guerrilla gardening……


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