Vandals Targeting Leeds Trolleybus Signs

TrolleybusTransport chiefs fear their information blitz about the Leeds trolleybus scheme is being derailed by a dirty tricks campaign.

Around 70 per cent of official notices placed on lamp-posts to give people more details on the project have been vandalised or removed in one part of Headingley.

Many of the notices – which are printed on weather-proof paper that is designed to be difficult to rip – have been repeatedly defaced with anti-trolleybus slogans.

The signs are being put up to let residents know how they can have their say on the latest stage of plans for the New Generation Transport (NGT) trolleybus system.

NGT project director Dave Haskins said: “It seems that some of NGT’s opponents in the Headingley area are determined that their fellow residents should not be able to express their views on the scheme.

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Adel Crag added: Please share this news with your friends on Facebook and help keep everyone in the local area informed of what is happening.

One thought on “Vandals Targeting Leeds Trolleybus Signs

  1. These so called ‘yellow’ transport notices are tied to lamp posts. In Holt Park they get removed by both local residents or young people. It is part and parcel of modern life and NGT Metro should not be so petty as to point the finger at any one group or person without firm evidence.


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