£1m funding to help rid Leeds of its pothole hell

PotholesLEEDS has been awarded almost £1m from a new Government cash pot to help repair roads damaged by recent severe weather – and rid the city of the blight of potholes.

The money is part of a £10.3m fund for Yorkshire authorities, which has been made available to help with much needed road repairs following the wettest winter on record.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said: “Damage to roads causes misery for drivers and local communities and the severe weather over the last few months has made the problem worse.

“This extra money will help make a real difference to the millions of road users and residents across Yorkshire who rely on local roads, giving them safer and smoother journeys.”

Leeds will receive £949,426 of funding from the new fund. Wakefield will be handed £487,955 and Kirklees will get £606,663.

To read more, please click on this link:

Adel Crag added: Please share this news with your friends on Facebook and help keep everyone in the local area informed of what is happening.

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