New Bus Shelter 033Many years of trying to obtain a bus shelter to be erected on Sir George Martin Drive off Adel Wood Estate to provide excellent exposure to local residents and vehicular traffic to give something to look at while waiting for the bus but unfortunately was turned down due to lack of space on the footpath and too near the communal grassed area.

We understand that our local Councillor recently put forward a request to Metro who then did a survey and agreed to erect the new bus shelter which has now been completed.

Listed below are some of the comments made by local residents:

“The shelter looks good and it gives undercover from the rain and the wind.”

“I can sit down and sunbathe while waiting for the bus.”

“I think the shelter is too small and should have been much bigger.”

“Found the shelter too small but it is better than nothing at all.”

In summary we feel that the bus shelter has made a vast improvement for all to benefit from the weather elements to all who have need to use the bus service.

We wish to thank our local Councillor Barry Anderson and Metro for their help and support in this matter for which we most appreciate.

What do you think?

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