Police Speed Indicator Device 2You may be interested in the information below that Cllr Barry Anderson received from the police on the speeding action they are taking in various parts of the Ward 4 June 2015.  This is part of an ongoing initiative by the police to cover as many parts of the Ward as they can over a period of time, where reports of speeding have been received.

Just to update you I have today conducted a speeding day of action at the areas of concern raised to me in the ward

Here is a summary of the result.

LONG CAUSEWAY, ADEL – 0835-0900hrs

18 vehicles exceeding 30 mph. The majority were between 30-35mph but there were was one at 42mph, one at 38 mph and 2 at 27 mph.

I still believe the SID device should be moved from Adel Lane to this location and wonder if this could be actioned or progressed with the Adel Association and Adel Crag.

OTLEY ROAD ADEL – 0910-0935 hours

19 vehicles exceeding 30mph. The majority were between 31-35 mph but there was one at 42mph, one at 41mph, one at 39mph, two at 38mph and one at 37mph.

The hand held speed camera was also deployed yesterday but none were exceeding the threshold to be issued a fixed penalty notice.

KINGS ROAD BRAMHOPE 0940-1000 hours

3 vehicles were travelling in excess of 30 mph between 31-35mph.

MOOR ROAD BRAMHOPE 1010-1035 hours

22 vehicles were traveling in excess of the 30 mph, this equated to almost 80% of the vehicles that passed me. One was travelling at 41mph, three at 40mph, two at 39mph, two at 38 mph and two at 37mph.

This location proved to be the worst location today.

PCSO’s also attended OLD POOL BANK for one hour regards the complaint of commuters cutting down the road despite it being an access only entry. Twenty vehicles were stopped in this time. They will return to this location tomorrow afternoon all being well.

Letters will be being sent out to certain motorists who were well in excess of the limit.

I will be out again next month.

Many thanks,

Ward Manager Adel and Wharfedale
Leeds District – Outer North West
Otley Police Station, Bridge Street, Otley, LS21 3BA
External: 101
To report a crime, please ring 101. Always dial 999 in an emergency.
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