NGT Trolleybus Scheme Rejected!!

NGT TrolleybusAs you are aware the NGT trolleybus scheme has been rejected.

The decision was welcomed by campaigners along the proposed route who had mounted a vigorous campaign against the scheme.

Here are some reasons below from the Inspector’s report for the rejection:

  • No significant improvements in road congestion
  • Pollution would increase overall
  • Little evidence to show it would improve connectivity
  • Many passengers would have to stand on trolleybuses

Here is a link to the Inspector’s Report

Here are just a few questions being raised locally, which we are sure you may have many more you wish to add.

  1. What does this mean for the future of Adel?
  2. Will LCC still go-ahead with the Park & Ride, University playing fields?
  3. Will there be a connection between Adel and Holt Park?

A660 Joint Council thanks everyone who put so much time and energy into fighting the scheme over the last four years!

Please feel free to pass on to your neighbours and relatives as it may be of interest to them.

What do you think?

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