Leeds Businesses Urged to Get Litter Picking

We recently received below from Forge Waste & Recycling, which may be of interest to you.

· Forge Waste & Recycling is supplying free litter picking kits to all interested businesses within their area of operation

· Forge Waste & Recycling is collecting the sacks of rubbish after the litter picking has taken place, free of charge

Forge Waste & Recycling has launched a litter picking campaign in Yorkshire, which encourages local businesses to make a positive impact in their local community.

Street cleansing costs UK taxpayers almost £1 billion per year in England alone, but it’s not just the public fund that is impacted; litter takes its toll on local business as well as mental health, community wellbeing, wildlife and the environment.

Forge Waste & Recycling will supply a litter picking kit to local businesses who request it, which is to include litter pickers, gloves and hi-vis bibs for each volunteer, as well as bags for the litter. The bags of litter will then be collected by Forge, free-of-charge.

MD of Forge Waste & Recycling, Harvey Mills said:

“Working in waste, we are passionate about litter. We have a ‘zero waste to landfill’ guarantee on waste we collect, and that is because we understand the devastation that waste can cause when left to its own devices. Litter not only looks ugly but it is really bad for local business, the environment, wild animals and human health.

“This campaign is an opportunity for businesses to easily organise a litter pick in their locality, clearing up unsightly mess, improving the look and feel of their local area, whilst also giving themselves bragging rights on their blogs and social media channels!”


Website: http://www.forgerecycling.co.uk/blog/community-litter-pick-yorkshire/


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