Please see below information regarding the above received from Cllr Barry Anderson, which may be of interest to you.

As you may be aware the above footpath which runs from Church Lane to Bedquilts has been due to be upgraded following discussions and agreements between the Council and the owners of the various properties that have shared private vehicular access via this footpath.

I have now received an update from the Public Rights of Way Officer today (25/10/17) to say that following negotiations it has been agreed that an innovative, sustainable surfacing and drainage technique has been identified and will be used here, known as “flexi-pave” which comprises bound recycled rubber and stone chippings.

Once the agreements with the residents have been completed in respect of financial contribution an order will be raised by the Council in respect of their share of the cost.

It is hoped the work can start sometime in November. Whilst the work takes place it will be necessary to close off the path temporarily to public use and the work will be done over 3 to 5 days with 4 individual days need for the flexi pave surface to set properly.

I attach a plan how each individual section will be done on 4 different days and will start at the Bedquilts end and finish at the Church Lane end.


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