‘Eastmoor Development Proposals – Advent Homes

Eastmoor,  Eastmoor Lane / Tile Lane, Adel, Leeds LS16 6ED

Planning Consultation – FAQ’s

3rd August 2020

What is the East Moor site?

It is a large former school site which became redundant in 2003.  It is located on East Moor Lane and Tile Lane and is surrounded by trees.  It includes three Listed buildings, the largest of which is a quadrangle of former class rooms and workshops.

Who are Advent Developments?

Advent are a local, niche residential development company who specialise in unique high-quality schemes.  In particular they have very extensive experience of listed building conversion projects and are multi award winning for the design and quality of their schemes.

How many homes are proposed?

The scheme comprises conversion of the listed buildings to 28 homes, 44 new houses  (including Affordable homes) and a nursing home.  As the site is circa 12 acres this is a low-density development partly due to the extensive landscape and tree retention.

Will the trees be retained?

The site is almost entirely surrounded by trees, the proposals retain the quality trees and include significant planting and landscape improvements as well as a dedicated woodland walk.

What about the ecology?

Advent has undertaken a detailed and comprehensive ecological survey over the course of the season and the proposals include improved habitats to support the local ecology.

Will the homes be sustainable?

All homes including the Listed converted houses will be designed and built to a high sustainable standard.

What benefit will the scheme bring to the Adel Community?

As well as regenerating this long derelict brownfield site the scheme includes  converting the Listed buildings, high quality family homes, a much-needed nursing home, Affordable housing, enhanced footpath and highways, public open space, improved habitats and a woodland walk.  In addition, a significant Community Infrastructure payment will be made to Leeds City Council.

What type of homes will be built?

The scheme will include a range of converted and new build family homes ranging from 2 – 5 bedrooms, complete with gardens and parking.   All homes will be of a high quality design and specification.

Does the design respect the Adel Neighbourhood Design statement?

Yes, the scheme fully respects this policy and seeks to create a high quality sustainable, design led regeneration of the site and buildings.

When will the planning application be submitted?

Advent has been working for some months to prepare their draft scheme.  This public consultation is designed to share these proposals with the community and seek feedback on the development.   Advent will review their scheme proposals following this consultation before submitting the scheme planning application towards the end of the year.

How long will the planning process take?

Following submission of the comprehensive planning package there will be a period of alignment with Leeds City Council Planning Department and the various consultees to the application.  As this is a complicated site we do not expect planning consent to be granted until later in 2021.

When will the development commence?

Advent seeks to commence work as soon as possible following grant of planning consent.

How long will the work take?

The work will be phased across the site and we anticipate building works continuing for circa 24 – 30 months.

Will all the Listed buildings be retained?

Yes, the Quadrangle, Chapel and swimming pool buildings will be retained and sensitively converted.

Will the construction affect me?

We will undertake the building work in a considerate manner to minimise any disruption to the neighbours.  The site has two access roads, East Moor Lane and Tile Lane.  Eastmoor Lane will be the primary access and we will seek to use Tile Lane, at times respecting Adel Primary school and the residents.

Will I still be able to walk through the site?

The scheme provides for enhanced footpath links through the site including a woodland walk.  There will, however, be periods during construction where access is limited or temporarily closed due to the building works.

What about Tile Lane?

We recognise that Tile Lane is a narrow road  and on completion of the building work whilst pedestrian and cycle access will continue into the Quadrangle site there will be no through road.  Existing homes serviced from Tile Lane including Spring Hill will remain accessible.

What will it look like when complete?

Advent have commissioned a range of visuals which seek to convey how the scheme will look on completion which are posted on the website.  These are subject to receiving planning consent for the scheme as designed.

Where can I find out more information?

Please refer to www.adventdevelopments.co.uk

How do I ask a question about the development?

We are happy to engage directly with any questions please email:


or write to Consultations, ID Planning, 9 York Place Leeds LS1 2DS

Thank you.






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