David Wilson Homes

Following a recent article by Barrie Hopson, Chairman Adel Association published in the North Leeds Life Magazine about David Wilson Homes Appeal.

This is a reminder that this will take place at the Civic Hall on 16th / 17th November. 

Their case will be strengthened if we can get members of our community to attend all sessions.  Even if you can only make half a day that will be great help.  Please email John Hartley at johnhartley@flyfishing.fsent.co.uk if you can attend and state which day and session (mornings 10am – 1pm, afternoons 2 – 5pm).  

If you have not yet signed a petition they are still at the Post Office at the Co-op, Adel Wood Stores, Hazel’s Café and other places around Adel.  They still need letters of objections so keep these coming in to Caroline Anderson at barry.anderson@leeds.gov.uk or to barriehopson@ashlingpartnership.com

Thank you.

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