David Wilson Homes

Following a recent article by Dr Barrie Hopson, Chairman Adel Association published in the North Leeds Life Magazine and Adel Bells Church Magazine about David Wilson Homes Appeal.

Adel Crag Community Association wish to make some comments about the Appeal in which Francis Garbutt, Chairman attended at Leeds Civic Hall to give support to the association.

The opening of the appeal was well presented at the hearing by Dr Barrie Hopson followed by the team of The Adel Association who put in endless hours preparing their case and they strongly objected to the fact that they were not consulted at any stage on the withdrawal of the Plans, which meant that the views of the local community were virtually ignored.  They were simply informed that Leeds City Council supported the proposal in return for a deal on costs.

Although the appeal went on for weeks sadly The Adel Association received the decision on the Holt Avenue David Wilson Homes proposal.  They were not optimistic but the inspector has stated that the developers need to talk with them and the Council about a new design.  They have been granted outline planning permission so have to come up with new designs to take into account the objections raised by them and the council.  He also raised flooding issues and the developers will have to take note of that.

It has been said that David Wilson Homes should never have won their case.  There are so many Brownfield sites around Leeds.  Adel is such a beautiful area, and should remain as such.  Shame on those who allowed this to happen.  Surprisingly David Wilson Homes threw money at LCC to overcome most barriers, and LCC took the money which is a very tainted way to do business.

For further updates you may wish to attend The Adel Association meetings which are open to all residents and take place on the 3rd Thursday each month except August and December at the stables, Back Church Lane at 7.30pm.

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